1. At some point Aston Martin is going to make their way to the front. They've got all the talent they need to do it and once their facilities are all built and in use, they have everything on place to achieve.

  2. Honestly I just feel that those people who don't play games just see the negatives in it. An old colleague of mine would go home from work and watch 3-4 hours TV, whereas I would spend the same time playing games. She never could grasp that we were doing essentially the same thing - sat on our backsides watching a TV, except I was also socialising at the same time. It was always "sad" in her eyes.

  3. They really need to stop have Kofi doing these. He botched last year, and this year here took a very dangerous bump. I pray he walks away with no injuries.

  4. Agreed. Ricochet could pick up the mantle, if it needs to be picked up.

  5. Wrestling storytelling at its absolute fucking best.

  6. Those are set masks, not unique. Sets items can drop multiple times, but uniques are only able to drop once per game instance.

  7. I believe they can drop multiple times but only from the same drop. So you can, in theory, drop 5 windforces from Baal. But if one dropped from Lister for example, Baal cant drop one.

  8. I got 3 of the same set item from Diablo last week. Can't remember what it was, probably breast plate

  9. The argument is it takes too long to type, that's true on PS4 where it takes forever for the keyboard interface to load up, but on PS5 it's instant, and it doesn't take too long for a message to be typed out.

  10. On xbox you can hook up a keyboard and type with that in other games already, I believe it would be relatively easy to implement considering that you could also type in D2 PC version way back.

  11. Yes you can use a keyboard with PS5 as well. I don't understand why they cant give you the option.

  12. Metamorphosis is alright, the others suck

  13. kimi in 2005 just makes me feel so bad

  14. In my opinion, Kimi during his McLaren days is the fastest driver-car combination we have seen this century, and possibly very comparable to Senna. Just a ridiculous amount of natural talent, unfortunately destroyed by horrendous reliability issues. He never looked the same at Ferrari, despite winning his only championship with them.

  15. Alonso wasnt exactly unlucky in 2010 ir 2012, dude almost never dnfed or much less than his rivals. I only remember spa and suzuka in 2012.

  16. I agree really, he wasn't unlucky at all in 2010, I mean he gained massively on Vettel in Korea for example via a RBR engine failure. 2012, did a great, great job getting that Ferrari to where it was, but if you look deeper and you see the constant issues Lewis had that probably cost him well over 150 points, he would have gotten nowhere near the title.

  17. Reddit isn't anywhere near as bad as Facebook or Instagram. At least here you have a chance at a decent discussion that doesn't end up being Hamilton vs Verstappen.

  18. Wtf is this?? There's a hole catalogue of things we've asked for and 5 shit runewords isn't one of them. Honestly, if they are going to spend time updating the game at least do something requested by the player base.

  19. Jesus christ look at the prices. They used to be fucking £40!!

  20. Whoever is in charge of setting up the calendar needs to lose their job.

  21. I think China was supposed to be in that 4 week gap until it got cancelled.

  22. Yeah, and they should've been ready for it's cancellation, because it was never certain it would be held to begin with.

  23. They were looking at alternative venues, I.e. Portimao. Have they decided not to?

  24. The most we can realistically hope for is more runewords, uniques and set items.

  25. Doesn't seem to reload both mags. Even the first mag doesn't fully reload all the time.

  26. hum, no. This unique requires a rework honestly. It's inferior to so many better options.

  27. Verstappen already has more questionable moments in his career at the age of 25 than Lewis at 38. Speaks volumes.

  28. Lewis was guilty of some questionable moves earlier in his career (2011 in particular), but none were ever considered dirty driving or with intent. I don't recall a time where he forces a driver to take avoiding action, unlike Max did multiple times in 2021.

  29. Multiple times in Jeddah alone. How he never received a race ban for that race will forever surprise me.

  30. He got away with it because it would have ended the championship and the FIA would not want that. So he just went unpunished. The brake test should have been a DQ and at least one race ban.

  31. What a bent ass way to introduce new ToS. Lost a couple games of rocket else because of this.

  32. Let's not forget the catalogue of issues suffered by Lewis which cost him the 2012 title.

  33. I might very well be remembering it wrong lol I played pre WoW before so like 15+ years ago and my middle school memory remembers Baal runs as a loot piñata. But prolly just applying some nostalgia I guess. I know I didn't make it to hell back then

  34. I believe they nerfed act boss drops with the release of 1.10 and boosted general drops across game, to encourage players to explore other areas than just the final levels of each act.

  35. All arr great games. ME1 does show its age a bit though in particular the gameplay.

  36. nomad? was season 6.. the big van? I honestly liked it better than merc

  37. Nemesis, perhaps. It's the season prior. I actually quite liked the van.

  38. Yeah, it's another away, hopefully start to hear things in the next week or so. If they hope to meet their aim of 4 monthly ladder seasons and if they are making any chances (it's not guaranteed, may well just be just a reset), they need to test them first and that is usually a week or two.

  39. We need more teams on the grid. All it needs is one team to pull out the sport without selling the team and we are down to nine.

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