1. Hi Rody 👋 I know you're lurking 🤘

  2. Oh god I know the guys in AAS. Such fucking wannabe rockstars, seriously a nightmare to work with or play shows with. I'm sorry to be negative about a band you like, but they are not people I'd recommend anyone spend anytime with for even a minute, for their own sanity.

  3. I know them all fairly well, and have had a completely opposite experience with them. Super nice guys, extremely generous.

  4. Machete Premium cuts is the name of the company that made that sticker!

  5. Anyone who feels compelled to teach sexual subjects to minors has something seriously wrong with them. This goes for straight, gay, and everything else.

  6. They’re correcting your grammar.

  7. He said it on Leafs Lunch!

  8. That may be true, it doesn’t change the fact that your initial statement is also a “whataboutism”.

  9. You’ve lost the plot. Good luck out there.

  10. I’ll just leave this here…

  11. I honestly see way more people taking up hospital resources due to obesity related illness then the unvaccinated. I would support a bmi tax before un vax tax

  12. May want to look into the legitimacy of bmi first.

  13. Sorry, i didn't realize you're Rody. Though i was just debating with random people with the internet.

  14. You’re all good dude, and you weren’t entirely wrong. Subtext was important in both those scenarios and I can see how it might have seemed genuine.

  15. GG Leafs. just like last game, I thought the Flames were the better of the two teams and controlled play, especially in the 2nd and 3rd.

  16. Lucic sucks, no doubt but it is extremely embarrassing when he scores on you. You should keep him around just for that rare occasion of utter shame he brings.

  17. Absolutely love this song. Absolutely hate the lyrics.

  18. This is why the lyrics had to be blunt, and you still didn’t get it.

  19. I have no idea, Mr. Petrucci, but the meow isn't on the Spotify version either. I would also like an answer.

  20. It’s got something to do with Canadian and American releases. One has it and the other does not for whatever reason. I believe it was a label decision. Don’t quote me though, but if you must... quote me from that part in bloodmeat when I go “dadadada”

  21. Yea that's rightlty the point of a one take version of a song, and this video has some imperfections

  22. This sounds less like a one take and more like a comp to me. Parts of it sound a little tuned as well. There is almost certainly a bunch of editing that has happened here.

  23. Rody was really on a Star Trek kick around that time. Talked to him around 2009 i think? he just drunkenly rambled about ST for like 30 minutes.

  24. Dear Fenix, my life is a drunken ramble about Star Trek.

  25. I love that song. When the instrumentals are done send it my way and I will then consider it.

  26. With the last album coming out in 2015 prog metal band Protest the Hero released Palimpsest this year. The album is simply outstanding and it focuses on the greatness of America that the rest of the world views as it's tragic flaw. Songs are based on American characters and stories such as Amelia Earhart, Florence Owens Thompson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Hidenburg disaster, the Lakota and the Great Depression. My favourite songs are From the Sky, All Hands and Rivet. The vinyl is from Sheet Happens Publishing and is stunning !

  27. Awesome job! Except it’s totally inaccurate now that

  28. Just wanted to thank you guys for continuing to make music. Been listening to you guys since high school back in 2005. One of my favourite metal bands and criminally underrated.

  29. RODY, how many takes did the Fireside speedy verses take? I was thoroughly impressed and can't wait to lose my voice trying to keep up live when we can eventually see you lads on tour again!

  30. Not that many, I have some video of a couple of the takes. The hardest part is the “Like an aching in your side” just impossible to say at that speed.

  31. Is this where the ama is or is this just the announcement?

  32. We don't know... but we're both here.

  33. “Marino, open mommy’s blouse”

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