[Charania] Nike announces the company is suspending its relationship with Kyrie Irving, effective immediately, and will no longer launch his new Kyrie 8.

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  1. Colonial Nimscodd ended up being quite strong for me. Ended up being a great power shoved between Gawed and Lorent and eventually had the monies to make both of them bow down to the hierarchy.

  2. You should rename your save to British Empire.

  3. Make sure your ram sticks are in their correct slots? What motherboard do you have?

  4. I made a reply to my reply regarding some of the booting problems I'm having putting my sticks into the correct slots. I think it's a mobo problem.

  5. Ok looking at your manual you need to use slots 2 and 4. try that and see what happens.

  6. Have just tried 2 and 4 and it does not boot showing a red LED on the DRAM

  7. Don’t know which will die first, Byz or your laptop

  8. What makes the Lost City of Shamae lost if it is appearing on the map?

  9. Died in the chest :17738::17744::17744::17744::17744:

  10. Gov Ball is a logistical nightmare to attend. Who tf hosts a festival on an island with one bridge connecting to the world and then crams tens of thousands of dumb ass kids on the island 💀💀💀

  11. Its not on Randall's Island anymore it's in Flushing Meadows

  12. Oh fr? This is my first time hearing about it. I went like 5 years ago, it was a nightmare for me

  13. I turned this guys phone upside down

  14. On mobile it looks like Mercy before you expand it, which would have also fit well

  15. As a US fan, I like this. Can see why people abroad don’t understand the collab but it’s nice to see our domestic athletes involved in football, especially if it’s the club I follow.

  16. I agree with you. But I would have also liked to have Parisini as a romance option as well or even Emily Wong.

  17. Why can’t I romance the ME1 keepers???

  18. G-Fuel (without Isaac) :8907::8907:

  19. Make sure to cut a slice for chat

  20. Desiigner has been a good artist in my opinion. I didn’t think much of him because “haha panda one hit wonder” until he dropped L.O.D. in 2018 and thought… damn… he’s actually a great artist.

  21. Yeh no. My years of DF tanking disagree with you and I won't stop.

  22. You guys are really splitting hairs

  23. Watching a character go from a baby to a young adult while a different character not go through much as a hairstyle change is not splitting hairs, it’s inconsistent character design

  24. I consider myself a Mario fan and I also demand more booti. Where booti? Where funny Italian stream?

  25. "oh, now he's a philosiphiser"

  26. Here’s Goodman, coming at ya

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