1. In German, by number of words in the Duden dictionary,

  2. Es ist ja kein Geheimnis, dass -nis nicht immer weiblich ist. In Venezuela wird man wegen so eines Fehlers gerade ins Gefängnis geschickt.

  3. I will suffer at most one more DLC centered around HEPHAESTUS. They've about run that well dry. Or I guess my patience has. I get he's a good villain in that he's the one making the machines, but c'mon. We've beaten him twice now. If H3 is just Aloy running around taking out a Nemesis-enhanced HEPHAESTUS, I'm gonna be upset with the writing

  4. Kyle Kirkwoods incredible talent to be competing for a top 10 one minute and then 5 minutes later be giving an interview while cars are running on track in the background has impressed me

  5. You had me at first ngl 🤣

  6. Josef "the rookies made me do it" Newgarden. Guess he didn't like Malukas getting the drop on him early in the race

  7. Josef "the rookies made me do it" Newgarden. I think his fall unblocked his closet crazy.

  8. His fall? I'm a noob so I'm genuinely asking lol

  9. He fainted after crashing out of Iowa 2 and hit is head.

  10. Hoping that Josef gets a pretty decent penalty for the next race. Absolute bullshit no call

  11. No chance of that, and his interview was embarrassing for an ambassador of the sport. Total amateur hour

  12. Josef's usually clean. That was a fucking rookie move. A Kirkwood move

  13. It almost... Looks like a move a curtain Swiss-born Frenchman would pull.

  14. Wow really like how similar? Like mutually intelligible?

  15. No, sadly. 1066, vikings, and scholars adding lots of New Latin neologisms into the written language made sure of that. I will say, though, that the written samples of Old Frisian on Wikipedia are much easier for me to understand than the written Old English samples 😄

  16. West Frisian, probably. I love Germanic languages, but learning German now I see it could take a lifetime to master. Not sure I'll have time for other languages haha. My list is German, Spanish (not Germanic but an important world language to learn as an American), Swedish, then maybe West Frisian.

  17. Here's a good overview of some things to do!

  18. Nashville might be a wreckfest. It was last year

  19. The changes they have made to the circuit since last year ought to help some. But it's still a street race, no runoff at most corners, so will probably still be somewhat a crashfest

  20. Yeah i was there last year. Going for a cleaner race this go-round... maybe with more passing? I won't hold my breath on that one though

  21. Colorblind people at first glance: wow they're all the same gender. Too bad I can't tell which

  22. Championship drive. Always in the top 10 without fail.

  23. Yeah got taken to school by Jimmie at the end, but otherwise a good points day when you know you can't win

  24. Thats one way to see it, Ericsson were driving extremely carefully during every single overtake at the end while Jimmie were sending it.

  25. I'm cheering for Marcus this year. I want him to win the ship. Fact of the matter is that he just got beat by a more experienced driver. Racing was fair. He said as much in his interview

  26. Mclaughlin losing 2 spots in half a lap RIP

  27. Surprised to not see Gothic (unless I missed it). We have a relatively complete Bible translation that could at least give us a sense of the literary form of the language

  28. I wouldn't really call the Gothic bible 'relatively complete'. It's missing almost the entire Old Testament and a quarter of the New Testament.

  29. Thanks for the correction. Still a pretty big text to get a good sense of the literary language

  30. On another note, I live 35 minutes from the track and have had this circled on my calendar since the day it was announced. Planned to spend all three days there and meet as many drivers as I can.

  31. I tested negative for covid despite symptoms. If you got it, you'll test positive shortly. That's rough, buddy

  32. Mixed for me. The driver lineup is the best it's been in a long time. The competition is at a really high level right now.

  33. Has every conservative gone full Q?

  34. As a 30 year fan of this sport, I find it a little embarrassing Rosenqvist gets that podium. He shoved his car down the inside and couldn't hold it on the exit and wound up hitting another car and ending their race. That really needs to be a harsh penalty for the sake of everyone's safety. If that driving standard is allowed to go forward things are going to keep going until someone gets hurt. Not acceptable or wise in an activity as inherently dangerous as this.

  35. Yeah I think Felix should've been penalized, but this style of driving is not new in Indycar.

  36. It's not, but these things have been penalized in the past. If anything officials have taken a step backwards in the last year or two here. That was not incidental, that was the foreseeable result of a hyper-aggressive move.

  37. You may be right, but I recall Rossi driving Wickens off the road and taking the win at St. Pete in '18, I think. It's nothing new.

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