1. I saw some random article on a fragrance page saying it’s done. I’m not finished with my bottle, and the refill prices are cheap but if they’re getting rid of it I wanna stock up with a big bottle.

  2. I'm really devastated they're discontinuing this, it's by far their best fragrance. Would you mind sharing what they said to you in their email about the discontinuation? Just curious to see if this is permanent or if there's a possibility they will bring it back in the future

  3. Afternoon swim, RD Elysium PC, and tobacco vanille

  4. That's tree sap, it's listed in TF website official fragrance description

  5. You will probably get thrown off a plane for that

  6. Roja Dove enigma smells like a dusty library, nothing like coke

  7. I think this is a popular opinion. This is a very synthetic, harsh, and overly thirsty fragrance that I can't stand.

  8. Their customer service is absolutely terrible. Unless you rage on their social media they will ignore you.

  9. You get that sometimes with the haute fragrance houses! Talking about customer service I ordered a couple of Aaron Terence Hughes bottles (2for1 deal) and they arrived 2 days later with a hand written Christmas card from Aaron (I think). Great job and a nice surprise

  10. Talk about contrasts! I ordered a bottle of Elysium Parfum Cologne on December 1st. After 15 days, still no tracking number. They promised to give one 2 days after I ordered. Multiple emails, no response. They didn't even bother to tell me my shipment was stuck at customs until I went ballistic on their social media.

  11. I'm having a hard time registering my coov. Can I still use my vaccination paper starting from tomorrow to enter restaurants?

  12. That’s so interesting hahah my boyfriend and I thought love don’t be shy smelled EXACTLY like fun dip sticks.

  13. How does Mojave ghost smell like feminine products? Smells like a very juicy pear to me

  14. Yes of course. There's no rules against it right? You will smell ten times better than the others wearing eros and sauvage

  15. I was wearing Roja Dove - Sweetie Aoud and near the drydown at the office someone told me like i just came out of an Hospital. I was flabbergasted.

  16. I heard that one smells like delicious fresh baked raspberry cookies though haha

  17. no they're entirely different actually. roja's is more like tom ford's grey vetiver but richer and smokier. creed's is much more cool and aromatic, roja's is more spiced.

  18. Does Roja vetiver have an "old man" or mature vibe? Can a guy in his 30's wear it?

  19. Yeah id like to try that but unfortunately I'm an expat in south Korea so my options for fragrance are extremely limited

  20. my first full bottle of perfume (mure et musc) 💖 and first sample set i bought (for a pretty good deal too)

  21. Mure et musc! Love that creamy blackberry smell :)

  22. Personally, I tried their most acclaimed scent Timbuktu and was very unimpressed, enough so where I wasn't terribly interested in pursuing anything else from the house right away. I got the impression that they focused more on being unique than being wearable and pleasant. I will admit I'm making a lot of assumptions based on very limited experience and I haven't written the house off entirely, but that was my gut reaction.

  23. It took me a few wears to get used to it. many of their other offerings are great and natural smelling although some are a little challenging to get used to

  24. It is a very linear slightly woody grapefruit fragrance. Replace the citrus notes in BDC/Aventus with grapefruit and tone down the woods in aventus, you'll have Elysium. This is what I get on my skin.

  25. That honestly doesn't sound too appealing, am I the only one?

  26. Sorry forgot to specify, Roja Dove Elysium Parfum Cologne

  27. I like roja dove the best. The Elysium parfum cologne design knocks it out of the park

  28. I'm surprised not many people mention it. I 100% agree with you, If I spray it lightly all I smell is root beer or vanilla coke. And I love the fact that it does :)

  29. Virgin Island Water, Aventus, Tobacco vanille

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