1. Mały rower stacjonarny. Puszczam netflix albo yt i pedałuję sobie tak z 40 minut dziennie

  2. What about beauty services? Doing nails for example in my country are super profitable. Hybrid nails are expensive, same with facials etc. How is the market in USA for that kind of services looking?

  3. You look great in ponytail, I wouldn't cut hair if I were you. Maybe trimming your beard, going for more stubble style?

  4. Much better without the beard :) I would like to see you with buzzcut but your haircoilour is really unique and I agree with the other comment that you should take some inspiration from pictures of Scandinavian guys (since you are Norwegian yourself). Maybe try henna for your brows at the salon

  5. You look great and a lot younger, the difference is striking. Keeping your beard nicely trimmed and hair done - instant 10/10 🔥

  6. This swimsuit is not flattering on you unfortunately, because ethe placement of the print makes you look wider/heavier and the halter top looks makes your arms look more broad. I would say that one piece swimsuit with bra and wrap over material on the belly would give hourglass figure

  7. You have model level face in my opinion :) The lighter hair looks like is washing you out but in darker your face is more striking, so I wouldn't bleach your hair in my opinion

  8. I agree, beard plus gym would be great for you

  9. YTA. Your family is racist. I hope she leaves you but if for no unknown reason won't, I hope she will refuse to teach future kids your language since it's easier to speak in English, right?

  10. I feel you, broke JD here too.When it comes to clothes, look up capsule wardrobe on Pinterest and shop/thrift similar clothes. You will have basic wardrobe that you can mix and match with great result. I learned how to keep my hair looking good with drugstore cosmetics and how to best cut them at hairdresser to be able to style them myself (90s supermodel hair suit everybody). I don't recommend coloring them, as the upkeep is not worth it if you are broke, touch ups are unfortunately necessary. Same with nails and lashes. I'm currently planning on learning to do gel nails on my own, however basic shaping and nude nail polishes are giving me good results too. I learned makeup on my own from og YouTube years ago. Now I have the advantage of not needing to pay for hairstylist and makeup artist if needed and being able to look put togheter on every day basis. I'm always looking up trustworthy makeup reviews to buy mostly drugstore makeup products. Overall it's possible. Btw get your Pinterest account updated, search terms like office clothes, business look, amal alamuddin style etc, you will get tons of inspiration there. I also follow accounts about styling clothes from zara, as they have lots of basics that can look good. What area of law are you specialising in? Honestly, taxes are great to get stable job in, law firms and big 4 are always recruiting. It's hard and shitty but good to survive

  11. Eurotrash post soviet fashion? They literally wear the same shein and zara shit like in every other country. Excluding the wannabe alternative couple they look just like people in Sardinia edition.

  12. If I remember correctly, Vin Diesel actually gave away Meadow Walker, Paul's daughter, during her wedding and he is reportedly her godfather so it doesn't look like he is some random coworker who claimed friendship just for money.

  13. Baby powder in the evening and morning helped me a lot with rash in crotch area

  14. I'm obsessed too but as of now I've found only one piece similar on shein bizwear

  15. Seems likely. He did say he “grew up” in there so maybe his family was ethnic Czechs living in Bratislava. Either way, fascinating!

  16. Slowik sounds like Polish surname - Słowik. Many other countries modify polish polish surnames and use other letters instead like ł, ą, ó - l, a, o so using Slowik instad of Słowik is plausible. He could be Slovak or Czech aswell with polish sounding surname since they are neighbor countries

  17. I've seen articles that say that Pique started cheating on Shakira because she wouldn't invest/give him money for his business. Reportedly 50 mln euro. His business is not going great allegedly and he was kicked out of FC Barcelona bc he wasn't good and prefered to party instead of commiting to trainings (he met the mistress in go go club or something and hired her in his company). His mother was also abusive towards Shakira (there was a picture of her mother in law holding her aggressively by mouth). Allegedly, they looked down on her because she was from Latin America and older than him and his family is considered "elite" in Barcelona. If not for Shakira, Pique would be rather unknown and people now will forever remember him as Shakiras ex. Also, the fact his mistress was sleeping in Shakiras bed, wear her clothes and eat her food is soo trashy to me, like trashy goldilocks style and kinda gives me vibes like she would want to be Shakira. Btw there were some reports that he wanted to get back with Shakira but she kicked his ass out so he started dating the Twiggo chick and pretends that everything is OK. I hope that Shakira will find some billionaire or a list celebrity to date soon 😈

  18. Even in the aftermath, by lying about the Casio partnership to save face, showing off the mistress — he seems like he has some toxic masculinity issues. He can’t just be humble. This is the kind of guy successful women definitely cannot work out with.

  19. Agree. It seems like he wants to show everybody that he's happy with his decision as if it doesn't look trashy af. He must have deep insecurities about her being more successful

  20. The true feminism is the ability to choose what you want as a woman and if you want to be kept woman - power to you and your plans. The only bad side to be a kept woman is the lack of safety net that some of the women forgot about but it looks like you have everything planned and should be good ;)

  21. All 3 look great but clean or little stubble are the best in my opinion

  22. I thought the same thing reading those posts and comments - Eastern European country citizen here. It's mostly staring here or being more friendly/helpful, guys asking for number. Smiling here would mostly be weird if not done in an obvious flirty way. Paying for drinks at the club by guys at the most, but it's obv conditional. The only free handing stuff or paying for something situation tied to pretty privilege that I observed was gifting sweets, candies, chocolates, hair ties or other trinkets, mostly by shop owners/assistants, to my sister when she was a baby because she was exceptionally pretty baby

  23. Yay, he was my childhood crush in the Beautiful Creatures and he is an overall very capable actor. Hope he will get fun part and will be liked by the fans

  24. Amal Clooney- great lawyer, elegant woman and she snagged George

  25. I’m not trying to pick a fight but from my perspective: George was a downgrade. He was a washed out pretty boy/playboy who needed to do something to regain relevancy.

  26. I totally get your point, but she comes from an extremely rich family. However, outside legal circles, she was rather unknown. He might be a bit of a washed-up celebrity, but he still has a respected name in the industry and worldwide fame, so she got instant recognition. Also, from reports it looks like she doesn't even need his money and she was in for the fame part, but honestly I wouldn't believe a word Clooney says about the donation of his whole fortune. Also, I know hot shot legal babe at the top types - you need make your name known in right circles and good networking skills to earn a partner title and frankly those types of men are the worst. I work with them (I'm EU based, so US based diablas may have different opinion) and sometimes need "the eye bath" after witnessing their shenanigans. They may have the hottest, smartest wives and still cheat on them with any, even below average young chick that is willing, especially assistants, because of their fragile egos. From my perspective she made the right move, she upgraded her connections, status and economic ability significantly and I don't belive a word that Clooney says about donating his whole fortune without providing for his wife and children - Amal is too smart for that, even if she doesn't need his money.

  27. You remind me of Siva Kaneswaran from the boys band The Wanted 🙂 I agree with other commenters that putting on some weight would improve your looks

  28. Vegeta - I want to say thank you to Croatians for this amazing thing

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