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  1. BTC has been fleeing exchanges more than anytime in history and price is $16,2 lol

  2. Firs of all we need some explanation.

  3. The fact that you got downvoted for spitting truth is even dumber.

  4. This is the result of an average consumer. Instead on working on anticheat, stutters, crashes they work on idiotic pink bears skins. You cant milk idiots with anticheat but idiotic costumes.

  5. This is like putting t those 3 digits of the back of your card on your forehead…..

  6. Rebranded mud water on sale. Like hes cheap shit guns and clothing. Nothing more nothing less

  7. Lmao subreddit with top posts of people doing 150+ through traffic Harley rolling burnout splitting cars and this is the post that went too far y’all are funny

  8. It was nice until you’ve ruind it.

  9. Yes these are usually the last words before impact……. Remeber them

  10. You dont know? Really? This is next level denial.

  11. I tie the rope to a belt weight and dive in a 30 m radius.

  12. Dude i had the sam problem but totally different result. Two totally burned cars. 35.000€ in damages….

  13. These occasions are really rare. Ladies and gentlemen TRIGGER FINGER DISCIPLINE!!!!!!!!!!! Im so proud. Ps: change the knee pads.

  14. We didn’t really care about the finger and besides we didn’t have batteries in. But thanks

  15. And now you’ve ruined it. XD

  16. Am i the only one who thinks this was a toy?

  17. Melted Chocolate indeed will turn from a smooth, silky, thick liquid into a crumbly, semi-solid brown mess if even a small amount of water gets added to it. Fat and water do not like to mix, and whatever it is with chocolate, water and fat will really fight each other to the death to create this mess. If you need to thin your your melted chocolate in a fountain, add vegetable oil.

  18. Had to scroll a kilometer for the answer. Thank you sir

  19. I have 1 kg of popcorn on standby.

  20. gone gone gone gone gone gone gone

  21. So now its not a crypto currency? Wtf

  22. You need to clean your apartment.

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