1. So Laurie Strode is an actress and plays herself in those movies?

  2. Reboot. They have no reason to go back to the original timeline. They only made this new trilogy because of Jamie Lee Curtis.

  3. In the uncut scene you actually see Michael stab Jamie's leg

  4. seed of chucky released 18 years ago. while the more recent chucky show has been received well by fans in my experience.

  5. The reception of the movies is irrelevant. He claimed that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is inactive when it clearly isn't. He also stated that movies like Seed of Chucky are why the Child's Play franchise is still active. So obviously a movie being terribly received means nothing in this discussion.

  6. Of course, that was around when it was new. That's what recency bias iss

  7. Kills is way better and I'm more of a Friday fan

  8. Thank fucking god. I don't even care what happens in this movie now, just as long as Michael doesn't die in the first 15 minutes of the fucking movie.

  9. It would be funny if Blumhouse sent out that fake leak themselves so that we'd be less angry about whatever does happen in the movie

  10. Name one killer before him that had no motive

  11. Yes, I see her role being like Nancy in Dream Warriors

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