1. Да, чудесна е. Пак трябва да се минава с нормална от време на време и да се мие под, но по-рядко и между чистенията е много по-чисто и приятно

  2. I think it’s believable that Rei is about 5’6-5’7. Yujin and Wonyoung’s heights are the ones I’m skeptical about— Yujin has to be at least 5’9 seeing that she’s taller than Lee Youngji (reportedly 5’10) on Earth Arcade. Which means Wonyoung could possibly be 5’10?

  3. I know.. sounds crazy! But I think it’s possible looking at pictures of her next to male celebrities that are “5’10” that she clearly towers over or is the same height as. How tall do you think she really is?

  4. I think male idols heights tend to be inflated anyway so.. I don’t think wonyo is taller than 5’8

  5. В детската правиха едни големи кръгли кюфтета в бешамел сос, които обичах

  6. Българското посолство в Берлин е доста подобен архитектурен кошмар с тези затъмнени стъкла и метал по фасадата. Явно някой много се е кефил на този архитект по соц-а

  7. Мен пък ме кефи сградата на общината 🤔

  8. В катмата има мая, рецептите са различни

  9. But the opinion is "I like this rap". Like if I disagree, I feel like I'm stating "I don't think you actually like this rap".

  10. I apologize for it not being in the King's English. I'll translate -

  11. It‘s easy to make out what they‘re trying to say, this doesn‘t make it sound less silly with the way it‘s phrased

  12. I find the laserdisc art style much more charming than the redraws

  13. You can watch the reaction video.. personally I wouldn’t say he’s holding back tears or anything but certainly he doesn’t look over the moon

  14. I like jewel cases much better than traditional kpop albums and jewel cases are the only kpop merch I’m willing to buy…

  15. Shut Down sampling La Campanella makes me curious. Any suggestions for songs that put classical music in it?

  16. Tvxq tri-angle if you want a bit of a different take on it

  17. Tvxq rising sun.. That’s literally how 4th gen songs are structured nowadays

  18. Hank wouldn’t have gotten involved with Gale’s case if it weren’t for Marie stealing that spoon and having to be helped out by one of Hank’s colleagues/friends.

  19. Да, анекдотите не стигат за взимане на заключения. Но ако искаш такива, разликата при мъжете, които виждам в България и в чужбина е огромна.

  20. Хм, да, сега като го каза и се замисля, анекдотно бих казала, че в Англия виждам много повече дебели жени в сравнение с България, а в бг - доста повече дебели мъже…

  21. Обожавам соц постери и изобразително изкуство, ще ми се да ги бяхме запазили като традиции

  22. i think MOST people who make statements like this have clarity on the pros and cons of both countries and are just using the phrase in exasperation no?

  23. Maybe in America it is mostly a joke, but America‘s cultural export is very strong and in a lot of places, unless you go out of your way to be read about American society and politics, you would indeed be left with the impression that it is a great place to be.

  24. Че ти как би го превел? Заглавия на филми/сериали понякога ако се преведат буквално звучат нелепо. Не, че "В обувките на сатаната" не е нелепо, но поне тематиката е близка до сериала.

  25. Мисля че бях чела, че сръбския превод е “чиста химия” или нещо от сорта, което е доста готин превод според мен

  26. yes, you have whole huge shelf of plain unflavored kyselo mleko (sour cream) and then you have like 5 normal flavored yogurts costing euro each, in Czechia you would have like 30 yogurts to choose, cheapest maybe 0.6bgn and of course you would have all kinds of sour cream (zakysana/kysela smetana) and of course all kinds of kefir/acidofilne mleko, the variety here is very poor judging by Billa, CBA and Bulmag

  27. Kiselo mlyako is nothing like sour cream…. It’s most close to plain unflavored greek yogurt

  28. Yeah but I’d argue Chen also has a very distinct/unique tone, which is also why it’s more divisive than Baekhyun’s.

  29. The others have posted links already but for what it‘s worth I‘ve made banitsa with normal filo sheets and feta and it turned out fine. I also love adding leeks along with the cheese, I think it‘s much tastier that way (also much more popular among my English friends lol).

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