My parents dog who i got to see over the holidays

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  1. people seem to be very curious about his poop. is honeslty nothing special, he poops the same as a regular dog, hes just built large. hes on a raw fed diet so his body uses a lot of what he eats so theres not much waste. he also doesnt need to eat too much now because like most big dogs hes quite slow and has energy in short bursts. we have a Staffordshire bull terrior that keeps him on his toes and mothers him.

  2. shes very little, but she cleans him and looks after him. even puts him in his place when hes naughty

  3. 👏🏼Very well done and tasteful. I especially like the jormungandr band at the top. It's the perfect way to close the sleeve off from the rest of your arm, and looks badass to boot. You've given me some inspiration and ideas for a tattoo I'm getting over the summer. 10/10, brother! Thanks for sharing

  4. that was exactly my thought. i wanted it to cap off the sleeve as if it was like a stone pillar with carvings down it. appreciate the comments brother

  5. Hey, this is a fantastic tattoo!! Good for you my man!

  6. Nice! What did you use for a resist?

  7. just nail varnish. left it to dry then cleaned up the edges with a small blade.

  8. cause they cant prove u bugsplated and if everyone could leave without loss punishment they will abuse it when they think they might not be able to win the game after checking the enemy team accounts.

  9. yeah i guess, just a sucky situation especially at the start of season when everything is a fiesta

  10. this just happened to me. it counted it as a game making me lose out on a game.

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