1. How do you know that? The “allowance” OP talks about is clearly meant to be OP’s fun money and it’s implied that it’s hers and only hers to spend.

  2. We don’t have a joint account. I moved in with my husband after we got married so he handles all of the bills/other living expenses, so we don’t need one.

  3. And was it his child? Also, this effects your household.. so i think in this case he has a right to know. And why did you give her the money now? Has she gone away from that man? I think personally that she would be better off with practical help, in stead of just giving money and hoping shell get away.

  4. Yes. She needs money now so she can pay for a lawyer and get a place to stay for her and her kids. She doesn't want to leave without having everything figured out first but she will leave.

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