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  1. Good job on showing him, maybe he'll stfu. Hopefully. Also glad to know you're taking precautions, just wishing more people would too.

  2. My cpstd in one image is from the same show actually in the season finale Spoilers

  3. I relate, though most of the time I'm Momo fleeing from hungry Sokka.

  4. I mean, if you don't wait mode you forget about the thing and then you're either late to it or miss it completely.

  5. Reading is a skill, you are reading this, good job. Reading is difficult and I want you to be proud that you can do it. You can definitely do other stuff too, you just need the right encouragement that your parents failed to give you.

  6. damn literally all these except for ye olde s*x addiction :/ and i thought i was doing not good but not bad

  7. It do be like dat. But just you know I created this with a bunch of unhealthy coping mechanisms as well as super healthy ones so it doesn't say much about how bad you're doing, just how varied your coping is. Sometimes we need to bring out the big guns, sometimes we can do okay with the lil floats that don't shoot us in the toes as we use them.

  8. I shower every day, sometimes even twice a day. It's the only place I actually calm down at. I never wash my teeth tho. Or do any of the other hygiene stuff I'm supposed to be doing.

  9. Uh huh. I don't like it but it keeps me alive. Could use some love rn though. Lol

  10. laughs in asexual virgin with over 300k karma

  11. She's treating you coming out as if you died, that's not good for you to be around. Intentionally or not, she's manipulating you and emotionally abusing you. You need to establish boundaries that she shouldn't vent to you about these things and that she has to start seeing a therapist about these thoughts. Just know that if you feel at any point that she will harm herself or she threatens you that she will harm herself, you can call the emergency number to come do a psych eval on her. They'll make sure that if she's in danger of harming herself she gets help via momentary forced hospitalization.

  12. Wtf??? That is absolutely insensitive marketing. Tiktok be messed up.

  13. Ahh yes, the "my parents arent my real parents and Im not from Earth" fantasy Xd

  14. I took the "I'm adopted and a camp half blood demigod" route, that fantasy is good stuff. I also pretented to be a dog for a solid 3 years. As in I would growl at people if they did something I didn't want them to do to me because I was driven into such deep trauma to go non verbal. And otherwise I just wouldn't talk, be completely silent. Oh I wish I was raised by wolves and not these bitches.

  15. I think I'm aging side ways, sometimes even backwards. The only aspect of me getting older is my physical body.

  16. Hugs! We're all fucked up in here, it's called peer support and that's the best support you can get without paying.

  17. I mean, my morals are inflexible, doesn't mean they're the best or worst, just means I actually follow through with what I believe in. Even if that occasionally means screaming at Artyom in Metro Last Light for not understanding that Khan is absolutely right (again) and the dark ones are just a representation of neurodivergent foreign language speakers. Yeah the Metro games are my current special interest, I recommend them, they're really cool and there's a lot of collectable stuff and trophy hunting and explorations along with challenging, not too beginner friendly, first person shooter action and a compelling story with even more amazing non canon "good" endings. It was originally a book trilogy so if reading is more your thing, go for that.

  18. I just sleep from 4am to 12pm, being woken up for lunch whilst avoiding abusers as much as possible and getting those safe hours when they go to bed at 10pm.

  19. Hhhhh yeahh, the "don't be a burden, be self sufficient and take care of other people's shit too to not be a burden" hits hard

  20. Op, I'm so sorry. Can you speak to a social worker at the hospital? Do you have any texts or recordings of them telling you to unalive yourself?

  21. Not me breaking down because someone speaked angrily to me 😅

  22. Hugs? In this economy?! ...even funnier as my parents were turned neglectful because of an economical crash.

  23. Lets hope all kids threathened with this are in fact taken to counseling, and the counselor is a good one that gets the parents to jail and the kid into an actually good home as a forever placement.

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