1. First of all my condolences.. .So many good perfumes and I would say keep them all and cherish them if you like them! She seems someone with good taste!The middle shelf on the right big flacon seems extravagance d' amarige from Givenchy. That used to be my perfume in the 2000s and reminds me of someone I was in love with and passed away very young. Its now rare to find !cherish these perfumes and memories of your aunt , all the best!

  2. Us too, unfortunately... 19th century house, high ceilings, remodelling way behind schedule due to circumstances. Wearing extra clothes over my extra clothes but I got damn cold after working in a non-heated study room!

  3. What you described is exactly me! I'm working from home and my right hand closer to the window is about to lose a finger or two haha. 🙃 yesterday the house was 15 degrees and I did not turn on the heater until the afternoon to 18, and just wore a thick wool sweater

  4. I don't even know this brand but that is exactly what I thought !

  5. They have been having issues with customs and payments. I had a pack fpr which I had tp pay 100 euros from customs, paid online, and they dropped it a pick up point where they did not have info that I paid. Postnl cs said I had to pay it again at the pickup point and then claim the money back. They refunded pretty quick. They usually tske a while to appear in their system also, even when is supposedly already with Postnl so will be there soon I hope!

  6. Melodie de l'amour- Dusita! Pretty and bright for a rainy day!

  7. One can blind buy for himself or herself. But telling others to do the same is not right.

  8. I agree! I personally blind buy often but I do quite of an investigation first, notes how could compare to something I have, I like that part of the process, see if I guessed correctly or not, look for the best sale.I know would be best to get a sample or try frist and is risky but I enjoy it and that works for me, but I would never recommend to someone to do the same.

  9. The topnote is someone I enjoy, her videos and voice are so soothing , she is also currently in a no buy and is not trying to sell PR stuff

  10. Delicious Delights anyone? Love watching her at night, she's straight up melatonin. "Hey everybody it's Arlene" and I get so sleepy. Even when she veers into common eaudejerks topics she does it with a dose of sincerity.

  11. Papillon artisan perfumes, Francesca Bianchi, D.S. Durga, Zoologist.

  12. Yes! I LOVE D.S and Durga. Contemplating whether to get Coriander or Debaser?

  13. I have both, both are green , fresh but long lasting, although are quite different. Debaser is sweeter than Coriander but both totally unisex and weareable

  14. If you would post a picture of the bottle chances are someone can help you with the name and notes and find something similar. Fragantica for example would help you identify notes or what similar fragances you can buy.

  15. Seems I only have lavender as a note on animalic perfumes for which maybe you can feel they are too mature.

  16. Under my Skin , Francesca Bianchi, because stayed on my jumper yesterday and Im wearing it today again ( oh the joys of working from home). Many say is quite animalic but to me this is cozy and comforting, spicy.

  17. That's summer usage - I only used 10m³ in August but in January this year I used 112m3

  18. Thank you that makes sense I'm curious how will be when I turn the heating this year. To be honest I never kept an eye on these details before so Im pretty clueless I just paid haha

  19. If you know the meter readings per month of the last year you can create an account on mindergas.nl and enter the data. They'll generate a graphic of usage per month and an estimate for the remainder of this year.

  20. Didn't they find hutspot (the original recipe with parsnip a.o) in the Spanish cooking pots that were left behind ? And that that was the introduction of a national treasure ?

  21. What?! How did not I know that? So you are telling me one of the few Dutch dishes that I thought was truly Dutch is originally from Spain ? I will be happy to report that to my bf haha!

  22. Don't know if it was an original Spanish dish, tbh. it sounded more like a bunch of available meats and veggies were thrown together in a cooking pot 😀 .

  23. True! And if it did not have garlic and onion, I have some doubts :D

  24. If is something you need with prescription and you have it or specific you need tp check at the pharmacy, this one is always open in the center, inside the hospital. Apotheek MCH Lijnbaan.

  25. My boyfriend is a primary school teacher, he used all his life use L'eau Issey Miyake, but since we are together I have expanded his options hehe. These are the ones he uses! I hate aquatic on myself but love it on him so I gifted him some. He mostly has fresh fragances but they last quite on him.

  26. Versace versense. My favorite cheapie of all time. You can find it on discount often.

  27. Ahha sorry I tend to be short🤣. Is long lasting for what it is, a fresh citrusy herbal scent, a tiny of sweetness, leaves quite a trail! Also I find it more complex than others fresh scents, does to me smell more expensive. I always got asked at work what I was wearing . marketed as female bur totally unisex imo. For ref: Top notes are Bergamot, Citruses, Green Mandarin, Fig and Pear; middle notes are Cardamom, Lily, Jasmine and Narcissus; base notes are Virginia Cedar, Olive Tree, Musk and Sandalwood.

  28. In general it will even itself out: higher interest rate would also mean an higher interest rate on the savings part of the mortgage. In general it is best to keep it as you can't get that type anymore. Fixing it for a longer period is in general wise as it provides stability on what you need to pay. Paying more interest means also more to deduct, although be aware that the top rate will decrease every year (if you fall in that category).

  29. Thank u! Do you mean top rate on salary or the type of mortgage? In the mortgage " tariffklasse" I'm under  "laagste tariefklasse. Definitely will chech with a professional but this helps to know other people's experiences ( although financially may be different cases of course). I was a bit worried about getting a top up for upgrading the house so this gives me hope when I go to the bank advisor :D

  30. Keep the spaarhypotheek and add a new one. You're allowed to.

  31. I can’t decide which Papillon I’ll get a bottle of first but I’ve sampled everything including Hera now. Terrific house. Inclined toward Tobacco Rose. A good rose always gets me.

  32. I haven't tried yet Hera! Tobacco rose is very nice and one of the easiest, meaning that I can wear in the office for example. I love Anubis and Bengale Rouge! And Salome but surprisingly Anubis inmediate love.

  33. Anubis is fantastic and I could see getting a bottle to split with people for sure. I have no issue wearing florals as a guy and would recommend you try Hera when you can! Wonderfully rich white floral experience. Not nearly as indolic as Salome.

  34. I agree! I am looking forward to try Hera. Love white flowers, dirty jasmin and tuberose. I also think is great that as a guy you enjoy florals! I always give to my boyfriend to try everything, Florabellio by Dyptique smells great on him as well as Poirier d'un soir by MH ( I ended up giving him my bottles).I remember to read somewhere that a few centuries ago rose fragances were worn by men and women lavender, and now it seems generally the other way around.

  35. I feel meh in general about: Juliette has a gun ( except Vanilla vibes) Creed, Etat libre d Orange, Killian, Francis Kurdijan, Roja, Micallef, Xerjoff, Tiziana Terenzi, Jo Malone. I may find one from the house interesting but not an "I need a bottle."

  36. I see no one mentioned Iris 39 and wondering if is meh? Because I foinf d a discounted bottle and is on its way 🤣

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