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  1. That’s what I thought. Kept getting summoned to other players’ worlds. Thanks for replying!

  2. To me they’re the same game. I know they’re not but especially now that they match visually I see it all as one big game/story.

  3. I’ve been super lucky with most bosses and haven’t gotten stuck with any until I started the DLC. Been stuck on Sister Friede. I can beat her if I keep trying but after a few attempts I just haven’t gone back. Anyway she was the first one for me. Beat most bosses in the main story first try and a couple took me a few.

  4. I also can’t find them anywhere in my area (NW) and Amazon is out of stock. Went to EB’s website and they’re no longer in the crackers section. Looks like they’ve been discontinued so whatever you can find on the shelves of any store that’s probably it.

  5. Personally for me I hope part 3 is the conclusion to this story BUT also it's theme be about redemption. After part 1 theme of love and part 2 decent into hate, I would personally love to see how Abby and ellie have grown since and finding redeeming factors in one self after what one another had done to destroy each others lives and their selves. Have both charters screen time the same as part 2. That's just my opinion tho

  6. I think that’s one of the more expected endings which if they decide to go that way I’m sure they will do a great job. Regardless what it is, I trust ND.

  7. I found the door glitch to be more difficult than just beating him legit. I think the most valuable lesson for me was the realization that Genichiro is there to show you the path ahead of you. He and the increasingly difficult bosses that follow, will punish you for your bad habits and teach you to pay attention to patterns and see the openings. Doge or attack spamming will net you lots of frustration. You have to get good at deflecting. No way around that. Also keep in mind that the game carries out input so spamming will put you in a bad spot because you can’t get out of the way of attacks while you’re still carrying out the previous input. Be it attacks, dodges, jumps, etc. I found that each boss fight has a cadence to it. A rhythm. If you pay attention and find that, that’s half the battle.

  8. Someone told me to go buy ridgewood from a scrap vendor and berries from a botanist early on and I just bought as much as I could and kept topping up from stash. Saved me lots of time to concentrate on the plat grind.

  9. Liquid courage + weightless spirit is tons of fun. You can keep your spirit animal. Spitballing here cause I usually play to the Ronin’s strengths but if you want to avoid bombs/kunai you could pick an epic bow and sticky and go hybrid heal/offense with Restorative Rhythm and Fire/Staggering ult.

  10. Congrats! Just got mine as well 🙌

  11. I wish we got more different type of outfits instead of recolors, like the Ellie outfit from TLOU2 and the yellow Kill Bill jumpsuit. More accessories too like Ellie's Jax goggles and weapon skins.

  12. Kill Bill was making a nod to Enter the Dragon. Just saying for the sake of showing respect for the source.

  13. This is awesome but I also found quite a few reflective surfaces that don’t reflect your character back which momentarily broke immersion for me. Not the worst thing though. This game is damn near perfect!

  14. Yeah. To all that I would add that the damn combos have this very unintuitive timing you’re supposed to somehow know when you’re trying to get the achievement. That was a lot of unnecessary frustration. I don’t know if they’ve fixed that but it was a big issue when it was released and tons of people made videos explaining the wonky timing of those combos.

  15. Thanks! I’ve already got all those achievements and I’m pretty much done with the game until the DLC.

  16. Definitely not getting the plat for this one 😂

  17. Probably from the chalice dungeons where they found Ebraitas, and brought her out to the surface inside the upper cathedral ward.

  18. I actually found the answer in a lore video. The healing church experiments with Yharnam’s children to see which ones can survive the old blood. Those who do become blood sources. There’s more detail to it but that’s the gist of it.

  19. Could you send the video please? It sounds like an interesting theory.

  20. Yeah for sure. Here you go. I’m about halfway in and it’s absolutely fascinating. Bloodborne’s lore is my fav of all FS games.

  21. After getting plat, I think people are so funny when they post searching for help…funny like watching a baby take it’s first steps. You’re gonna be running soon lil fella

  22. Did I ask for help? Must have missed that part. Got the plat too. Merely made a meme about who I felt was the worst mini boss so others who felt the same way could laugh. Cheers lil fella.

  23. That one was pretty easy for me, the one in sunken valley is way harder since you get sniped trying to reach her and you cant get a stealth deathblow either.

  24. That one I deleted in 20 seconds. This one I tried doing the exact same and was barely chipping its health.

  25. Oh don’t worry. You won’t be breezing through this one 😂

  26. One of these days, I'm thinking of putting together a more complete list of these quotes. I'll most likely need help, because there's over 100 lines to translate and I play in English, so a lot of these aren't familiar to me.

  27. Thanks for responding! Yeah there’s definitely a lot and while I do play in Japanese, I still haven’t managed to make a list because of what I mentioned before about not really having an ear for it. I just like the immersion.

  28. This is awesome! Thank you for posting! I’ve been wondering for the longest time (day one player) what all those are since some sound straight up like gibberish to me. There’s a couple more you’re missing and if it’s not too much to ask, could you add them as well? I know Assassin has one that sounds like “wae watae ni naruna” when you swipe “thanks” and Hunter has the infamous “fucking A!” sounding one which she says after certain actions. Assassin also has one when you ping stuff, might be healing drums or ammo “kore ma namama si”. And Ronin has one after a wave is over I think “yee dansho” Sorry if all these sound ridiculous but I’ve not the ear for Japanese. I can’t think of others but it would be cool to have the full list :)

  29. Collecting all health and attack upgrades seems like it could trivialize this fight, considering your progress so far. It sounds like you're getting better so that could push you over the edge to victory! I'm rooting for you!

  30. There’s the cheese and there’s a pretty solid strat I saw on a FightingCowboy vid that uses Suzaku’s, Yashariku’s and Malcontent. Makes that fight fun and more even.

  31. I went in there with all prayer beads knowing it would be difficult and there were moments where I would have been one shot, had I not had 20 vigor. Might be worth your while to get them all. If you feel like you’re close though, then just carry on man, you might be able to beat it with 7. Here’s a guide just in case. One I used.

  32. I never noticed but I connected the dots upon finding this rare scout’s log that went “I seem to have caught a fever and the only apparent cure is more cowbell”

  33. Someone stole my idea from 2 months ago 😂 or they had the same idea some time after.

  34. I was there a few years ago and recognized it right away. Gorgeous city and also the site of one of my fav films ever. Trainspotting.

  35. There will be a part III. I have a feeling Neil Druckman is too much of a Robert McKee fan not to recognize the trilogy archetype. Not to mention part II had such an open ended finale. They could end it there, it wouldn’t be upsetting due to the “fill in the blanks” nature of it which is more powerful than giving us a concrete ending. As much as people complained about a lack of agency given to the player, they gave us all the agency in the end to interpret it as we saw fit, given our own personal experience with that journey.

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