1. I’m ok with it but I do wish it was maybe toned down just a tad bit. Just so a certain encounter in winter is that more of a “what in the hell did I just witness her do” moment for those who haven’t played the games.

  2. Yeah it reminds me a bit of this idea in that show Dexter where he referred to his “dark passenger” sometimes. Something dark that’s always there and you both fear and welcome it at times.

  3. It depends on what your play style is like and what your goals with the build are. Do you want a build that’s more support or a build that more DPS? Do you like to melee or prefer ranged combat?

  4. I love how the game was made before the viaduct was taken down (highway along the waterfront). I got all nostalgic playing the game.

  5. RIP the viaduct. It was one of my fav stretches to drive. I never take the tunnel now because it reminds me that it’s gone.

  6. I have many friends from Seattle who would say otherwise, might have been neat to drive on but for everyone else it was an ugly death trap.

  7. I think people have different ideas of what they find aesthetically pleasing and what they don’t. Personally, I found it to be one of the most charming parts of town. Watched countless sunsets driving back home on the viaduct and have many fond memories attached to it throughout my years in the city.

  8. It's a skin, not a weapon, not something amazing. Just a skin. You guys think that every gamer should be your level or they should just shut up and get gud.

  9. OP is missing the point entirely of why HH exists. First of all, nobody asked for or knew about a cosmetic tied to it. That was SP’s idea. So OP needs to be an adult and understand that this “but I want it so bad” is not a reason. Wanting something badly has a corresponding cost usually. If you want to wear it that bad and can’t complete the challenge then go play campaign and wear it all you want. It’s the next best thing. Now assuming that OP even slightly wants if because of what it represents, to conquer the hardest challenge the game has to offer, then OP is doing everyone in the community a disservice by saying “if I don’t have the skill, no one should” effectively lowering the bar and limiting everyone’s potential.

  10. The reason hidden heart even exists is precisely because enough of us asked and asked SP for a difficult challenge. If you look for the posts here, there are so many ideas many of us gave SP and I think most of us asking for the challenge are happy with what they gave us. The sword kit being rather austere looking makes perfect sense because it’s not about having a showy cosmetic that’s so cool looking you have to have it. It’s cool because of what it represents. Now if you really wanted it you can definitely be carried. There are amazing players who can trio or duo it and you can just chill somewhere safe in the map but at the end of the day it still won’t be earned and because of that it will not be something you’re proud of but rather a reminder of failure. It’s like anything in life, if you really want it, then you have to put in the work. If you’re not ready there’s a rather ample selection of difficulties you can practice and many of us here are more than happy to help and give advice. Lastly I hope we can all remember the fact that Legends was free and they never mentioned it would get as many updates as we ended up getting. For a free multiplayer I think they knocked it out of the park. The game hasn’t died, a lot of us still play it regularly and I personally am happy that they’re focusing on Ghost 2 rather than adding more to this.

  11. Yes, I think the impression we're supposed to have is that Tess has feelings for Joel, but that he has not reciprocated them. Not because he doesn't care about her, but because he can't, or he won't let himself - he still carries a great deal of pain after losing Sarah, he doesn't want to go through that again, and this world makes it very easy to lose people.

  12. Absolutely. And yet he does care because we see how he tends to her bruises when she comes back. I love this added dimension to his character because it reflects the struggle all of us must face between logic and emotion. He’s learned the same lesson Bill echoes later in the game that “caring gets you killed” and yet in the show he can’t be as pragmatic as Bill, whereas in the game he seems closer to him.

  13. In the first episode, she slips into bed behind him and wraps her arms around him. It cuts to the morning and she's gone, but his position hasn't changed. She holds on, and he is just held. I thought that was pretty loaded.

  14. Yeah I noticed that too. I love how much thought and detail they’ve put into the show already. It’s made the world and the relationships in it feel so much more complex and real.

  15. I legit thought this was a promo image I had never seen before from naughty dog. Wow!

  16. Yeah I have to agree, I think the idea itself is not bad but the execution was a bit awkward. I wouldn't be surprised to see more moments like this that make the fanbase not recognize characters/performances/moments we know so well but are being remade with a whole new audience in mind

  17. This gave me goosebumps! so much better!

  18. It's aired on Sky Atlantic at the same time as the US (3 am for me) and available for streaming on NOW TV afterwards. I don't know if NOW TV is available in Greece also.

  19. Thanks for the reply! Yeah I wasn’t sure if Europe has one service for all mainland counties but I’ll let him know 🙏

  20. No, it doesn't. It's on HBO Max in Poland.

  21. Good to know! thanks for the response.

  22. If you're looking for max HS damage output you need a Stone Striker, then you need to have as much melee stagger damage and staggerED damage on your build as you can possibly get. The way to use that is to try and stagger with heavies and then HS staggered enemies. You'll see that the animation is different. It's the execution animation for the Ghost Stance

  23. Definitely switch that Sugaru’s for either WS or even an epic long bow if you don’t have SSB. Triple legendary builds cripple your DPS because perk 3 has the most powerful ultimate for all classes. If you’re running with SK switch CDR for GWD so you can actually get kills. Base dmg for kunai is extremely low and the only reason for equipping it is to get kunai kills. Also learn bow animation cancel if you’re serious about learning to play this class. I made a build advice video if you’re interested and it goes into detail about all stats, perks, tech and gear.

  24. Yeah the messages are wild. One guy messaged me to call me a “no skill scumbag” cause I killed him a couple times. Mind you I’m using two clubs running around naked cause I’m just trying to have fun in an arena where people are using mimic ashes, bolt of gransax, vyke’s spear, sacred relic, madness and lightning incantations and powerstancing nagis like it’s nobody’s business. My build solely relies on bonking people. I do not understand the saltiness, other than it being a bunch of people who like to abuse the most broken weapons and cry when they get killed in spite of it.

  25. How would that be possible? just curious because I honestly didn't think that could be an option.

  26. I figured but thanks for confirming!

  27. No, the other class charms aren’t all like that. That’s why I made the post.

  28. I know what you're talking about, all other classes allow for the ability related stats to be rolled on either slot, but oddly enough Samurai does not. I assume it's an oversight since there is no real reason for that to be an exception. There are not game breaking combinations to worry about as EB is one of the worst stats with very low base dmg that doesn't get buffed by anything. Now, +1 SP can be useful albeit in very niche situations. It's just one of those things that are inconsistent, and it's not the only instance.

  29. So pretty much an epic melee charm is more useful than a samurai charm, save for the two exclusive perqs?

  30. If you wanted to go that way yes. If you’re talking meta Enjo’s is a melee charm and once you bind it to the class you can roll class specific stats in any slot to your heart’s content because legendary charms allow that. Alternatively a Samurai charm can still be made to imitate meta as a second best if someone needs to run Sarugami for parries (talking speed runs) with:

  31. Oh I'm good just trying to help out. Thanks for asking though

  32. Church of Elleh? I’ll red sign next to the grace.

  33. Any level should work as I've already maxed a weapon right?

  34. Yep! That’s the main reason I asked.

  35. Still there? I had replied a bit ago.

  36. Ok, Church of Elleh. PW:0987 I'll red sign it

  37. Still looking? got some lords if you still need

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