Rand Paul sucks

My kindergarten teacher, my cat, my mom, and you.

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. There's so much wrong with this that it's hard to pick which portion to address.

  2. But the smartest person at that specific warehouse is in the 75th percentile. That person has an iq that is higher than average.

  3. I have a couple follicles with 2 hairs but I don’t think I have any with 3, yet alone 5. Pretty cool!

  4. same except i want him to rail thw shit out of me

  5. I'm even less convinced he didn't recognize Kenobi then. If you were 501st, no way you didn't know who Skywalker's best friend was.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if at least a single member of the 501st had never seen Kenobi

  7. I also hate HEAT-FS inaccuracy on long ranges >2km it usually lands short for some reason

  8. I think it’s because of the lower muzzle meaning that it’s trajectory is much steeper than sabot

  9. yeah but targeting system should be more effective

  10. I guess variations with the round, the gun, and atmospheric conditions are responsible but idk

  11. It mentions something about an “accidental dive” when speaking about the X-stern. What is an accidental dive and what does an X-stern do to help prevent them?

  12. If the stern planes of a submarine with a traditional cruciform stern get jammed in the dive position, it can create an extremely dangerous situation where the submarine could exceed its test depth quickly. For this reason, submarines generally cannot run at flank speed at test depth because there would not be enough time to recover from a stern plane jam.* Thus the submarineʻs performance "envelope" is restricted: there is a maximum safe speed when submerged deeply.

  13. I was just at a comedy show in dublin and the pre-headliner closed with that joke. I almost yelled something...

  14. There were like 4 acts total, this guy was the third almost headliner so I expected better, and had almost as much time as the main guy that act.

  15. It's actually Azula who points out that swapping a baby for a powerful earthbender is maybe not an even deal.

  16. What would make the HEAT round worse? A HEAT round forms a focused plasma penetrator so wouldn’t it do less damage than if an HE Frag round went off?

  17. Ever played Hell Let Loose?

  18. I asked a tanker to nuke a Garry about 200 meters away. All he needed to do was back up a bit, line up the shot, hit it and that would be that but nnnoooooo. Had to wait for command to order a precision strike when the tank could’ve used an HE shell...

  19. I do think this is what the scammer is playing on. That the victim would panic seeing an unauthorized charge and react quickly with out thinking. Thus missing the typo.

  20. I want to experience my ex-husband having a kidney stone.

  21. You want to experience the pain of a small stone existing one’s penis?

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