1. I'm confused. How can they like me if they don't know me?

  2. A thousand times this! I will never be able to comprehend how allos do that.


  4. Then I guess you don't know how Enya lives her life, do you? In a castle with a lot of cats and the only other people are a few who work there I believe.

  5. They all ask stupid questions and offer up way too much $. Actually make it a difficult question.

  6. That's so cool! Took me a minute to figure out which was which. Great job!

  7. It only really needs to be a notification, as a teacher it is handy to know where kids are should the worst happen. If there’s a fire I need to know that X amount of students went to the bathroom for when I do roll call but kids shouldn’t have to justify when or why they need the bathroom.

  8. We had a really neat system in one of my classes back then. When you needed to go to the toilet you simply had to raise your hands and make a w sign with them. When the teacher noticed, they gave you a nod and you were free to go. That allowed the teacher to know you had to go without disrupting the class and safed time. Sadly only one class had that system.

  9. I hope she doesn't have to clean any of the bathrooms, since she makes the minority of the mess.

  10. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  11. I actually did go into this one blind. I kept hearing people mention it and had a free afternoon. I had no idea what to expect and it was an exceptional experience seeing it.

  12. I also watched Midsommar with next to no clue of what the plot was and you gave the best description for that experience

  13. For me it just went from "you'll change your mind" to "it's not too late!" When I hit 35. But jokes on them cause it's officially "too late", I got sterilized 2 weeks ago!

  14. I'm finding more and more new names for children I didn't know I needed

  15. Sadly, no. They tried to do this as a way to "be part of the LGBTQ+ community" which is just plain wrong. We don't claim them. Aside from the fact, that those two things are not related at all, them trying to push their way into the community only worsens the already existing struggles we face

  16. "It was a joke" is mainly a pathetic attempt to reverse the negative reaction from a statement.

  17. There’s a lot of good suggestions here. Maybe look through these comments together and talk about them.

  18. Please don't confuse those two. If we're talking about romantic love, aromantics are the ones that don't experience it. Asexuals can still love romantically, they just don't experience sexual attraction

  19. Can=/=does. And is why I included both of them.

  20. Sorry that's my fault for phrasing it that way. I said asexuals can experience romantic attraction because they do. If they don't, they are also aromantic.

  21. Datenschutz beim Arzt außer Kraft setzen geht garnicht. Die Konsequenzen die das hat, wenn Versicherungen etc darauf zugriff kriegen sind gruselig. Aber von mir aus bist du gezwungen alle 10 Jahre nen Seetest vorzulegen und machst dich strafbar, wenn du trotz vorliegender Einschränkung fährst.

  22. Dem kann ich nur zustimmen, jeder sollte sowas in regelmäßigen Abständen machen müssen. Am besten wäre noch, dass man nicht mitbekommt, dass man geprüft wird. Wenn man von der Prüfung weiß, fährt man ja automatisch vorsichtiger. Wenn man es nicht weiß, erwischt man viel schneller die, die ein tatsächliches Risiko für den Straßenverkehr wären. Ist halt nur schwierig umzusetzen, von wegen Überwachung und so

  23. I was looking for this. All three of them are great and they hold a very special place in my heart

  24. holding back laughter welcome to the internet, hold onto your socks,

  25. That's very fantastic something! I am aroace but have 5+years BF(I knew I am aroace after accidental made BF) He is allo but don't demand sexual things to me, but he wants to marry me and share house with me. I can communicate well with him and have almost the same values and interests, so I think he is great lifemate for me. But he is allo so I have to accept some his close touches. Sometimes I get stress by that but he is perfect friend for me so I can't complain about that😂

  26. You don't HAVE to accept his close touches. If they make you feel uncomfortable, you should bring it up. Otherwise, this could end up with him doing more and more things you don't want while he knows/expects you to endure it without saying anything.

  27. Isn't this just the plot of the movie Arrival?

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