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  1. I thought this too. But she is the sitting queen. And I doubt Viserys would dare get involved with that. The better question is, how does Crysten Cole get to kill the future king consorts lover and then get a promotion to being sworn to the queen.

  2. Because Viserys is a weak and bad king. He's the entire reason the infighting is building up.

  3. Wow, this joke is still clever the 45th time someone recycles it. A real knee slapper

  4. Other great leadership examples were him being passed out drunk on the stairway when Otto kicked him, bullying any kids younger than himself, and jacking off out the window in view of the entire city.

  5. What kind of take is this? Alicent was a child when sent her to seduce Viserys.

  6. Thats not why hes drinking. Hes drinking bc hes a little shit and wants wine girl poon.

  7. I've seen people complain about Laenor being gay and him being written off and I'm just here thinking about he's the only character who got a somewhat happy ending.

  8. Nah there needs to be another trailer so that people know the episode is coming out.

  9. I heard the actor was having difficulty reading his lines so they cut his scenes where he was crying in a basket for 2 minutes.

  10. I also heard he wasn't following the directors orders very well and kept crawling around the floor.

  11. I never said you did. I said Aemond was accused of stealing a dragon which he was. Where's the excuse that's a literal fact. He insulted them but that's not a reason to start swinging like they did. From that point on he gave as good as he got.

  12. He didn't steal the dragon. Dragons aren't property they bond with who they want.

  13. You said 'Aemond was accused if stealing a dragon which he was' if you agreed that Aemond stole Vhagar then you wouldn't have put 'which he was'.

  14. Qarl and Laenor plotted to use whichever corpse Daemon would leave behind to stage Laenor's death. Daemon was not in the know.

  15. Why would Daemon had killed that guy if faking Laenors death wasn't their plan?

  16. I can understand the names but if you don't know which kids belong to which parents then you've not been paying attention.

  17. If show Viserys is allowing it then there needs to be a scene of Rhaenyra demanding punishment and Viseryd denying her that in justifiable way.

  18. I remember this multi story arc where he became a butler for a young billionaire orphan.

  19. Can't wait to support whatever crimes he commits this time

  20. Maybe he'll commit even more crimes to make up for the lack of crime in the last episode.

  21. Yeah I always found her kinda cringey. Not sure if it was the acting or just the way the character was written (probably some of both).

  22. It was definetly both. Caras one character trait is just 'badass who like baby'.

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