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  1. The ankle biting narrowmindedness of some commentators is cringe inducing to watch. The idea of "limitless green energy" is not magic voodo, it's an extremely basic extrapolation in a manner we've seen in the past.

  2. Oh man, decades from now? Definitely getting along with a Dyson swarm, having covered atleast 1% of the whole Sun, 1024 watts.

  3. Not a dude, I have heard of dust and you sound like a jackass treating it like it's significant factor.

  4. Thinking that repairs after 37 years makes something unreliable but because something doesnt have moving parts means no maintenance makes you a fool.

  5. So with my charitable contributions I've got organizations like charity watch to help me make sure my money is going to organizations that are capable of making good use of it. What is the equivalent for belligerent contributions?

  6. I'm here to explain to NCD how time works

  7. The ironic part is it's difficult to get supplies of wood in north korea so sometimes they had to leave the explosives in there.

  8. Didn’t know the Royal Air Force was in this bad of a shape. Must be terrible to be Br*tish nowadays.

  9. how many follows are too many follows pls no joke answers this is very serious

  10. For some reason, I don't think Saudi tankers want to fight the US with tanks designed and manufactured in the US, then sold to them by the US, and maintained by the US...

  11. The Killswitch isn't classified; it's declassified that the F35 pilot says fox three and lo and behold the tank don't work no more.

  12. This guy's out here killing tanks with AMRAAMs, someone get him a medal.

  13. Got curious and sleuthed a bit. The app creator was motivated by this experience:

  14. I'm surprised that was even published. The writing is hilariously awful.

  15. Journalists strongly believe in affirmative action and diversity of opinion insofar as there would be no conservative voices if only talent mattered.

  16. I don't recall any rolling blackouts so clearly that wasn't a problem.

  17. Because of imports powered by natural gas... that thing Russia was supplying last winter...

  18. So they were banned by a mod who hasn't been seen in months yet the post that got them banned wasn't removed. That makes sense.

  19. 500 years of constant boyar meddling, you would think the good czars would stop it by now

  20. I don't think it's because they're any more vulnerable to getting nuked. It's because their entire foreign policy strategy gets fucked sideways if Japan, South Korea, and Best China start nuking up. It's like the biggest guy in the bar telling everyone that knives shouldn't be used in bar fights while eyeing up his ex's new boyfriend.

  21. It’s weapons load alone would be more massive than everything launched into space in the 20th century, it deserves to be called a battleship

  22. I have designed similar systems, not on as large a scale though. They are definitely metering their input and output, it would be irrepressible to do otherwise.

  23. Money, mostly but partly because putting nukes on a grid tends to make it hard to put wind and solar on it.

  24. Honest question for people who know more about it...

  25. Not all states have equal ability to produce wind or solar power, just like not all states have good hydro-electric capacity. We're a country of 330 million people spread over a massive geography with dozens of major cities. Meanwhile, cost per kWh isn't our only consideration. We also have climate goals, energy independence goals, energy grid stability considerations, and demand growth issues to consider as well. So, why are some so quick to dismiss a clean, renewable, domestic source, especially long before we even know what productivity gains might be achieved over time?

  26. It's not quick. The idea has been around a long time and when attempted it's been worse then large nuclear.

  27. About 50% copium, 45% "I'm useful hire me for the post war armed forces instead of having me strung up and also wow the SS were real awful characters even though I pinky swear I tried to reel them in," and 5% honest truth. As with every other Wehrmacht general.

  28. If suppliers are making money hands over fist while the supply-demand clearance volume is far below your policy preference, that means you dont have enough supply, not that you have too much supply.

  29. Are you ignorant that the 'V' in 'VRE' stands for 'Variable'? Electricity auction prices are set by the highest priced bidder required to fulfill demand. These will always be set by peakers since VRE power will be down at the same time. Energiewende policies increase VRE while completely decimating peaker capacity, this is much worse than just being anti-nuclear; it is borderline degrowth.

  30. Could twitter make some sort of automated system that replies with this tweet to everyone?

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