1. I second this. I spent a week in France last year and my excema went away, I felt great, and the food quality was so much better. It also helped that everyone walks more there. Many food additives are banned in Europe that are in use in the US.

  2. Nah I def wouldn’t cause as a POC I know the cops would just side with whoever is whiter

  3. Which antinutrients would these be? I did a google search, and only came with the idea of cholesterol.

  4. This was me last night. Forgot my jacket and then started raining a bit. Whole process took an hour

  5. Next time make sure the guy has strong and mature values and principles before you let him get in your pants...unless you're just looking for a casual fling..

  6. Sounds to me like if you found a way to really relax and enjoy the sex, you’d have amazing orgasms. From what I understand the urge to urinate during sex means that your probably a squirter. Experiment a little and maybe try and let your bladder relax rather than tighten up when you get that urge

  7. I've masturbated before (non-penetrative) and I've never squirted during orgasm

  8. I bought a whole lamb about 2 months ago, wasn't too sure what to do with the butchery either... if I was to redo it, I would get it as whole as possible (minimal butchery, leave all fat on, keep bones attached to meat). If cooking, meat is nicer on the bone. Then you can use those bones for broth.

  9. Lamb is usually cut into chops which have the bones in them so I wouldn't count on to many bones for broth. Chops are the way to go for pretty much the entire lamb though. Most of the cuts will be small and if you had them cut individual muscle groups into steaks you would end up with a lot of really really small steaks.

  10. Look up the milk diet for autoimmune disease by Charles Porter

  11. That's so hilarious. Sometimes I go to the rp sub and find the most outrageous and hilarious posts and have a belly laugh

  12. That's great! If you're an adventurous eater, I also recommend trying some dried squid or anchovies. Great snack. I really like the eels too (they kill and clean it for you on the spot), they taste like a better version of fish. Baby octopus is also pretty good which you can just fry it in some butter

  13. Yes! And frying/toasting anchovies bring out a depth of flavor but honestly you should try this way and that way for yourself.

  14. If I get this book for my bf but also read it too, do you think it'll ruin it for me? I have trouble getting turned on even though my boyfriend is hot.

  15. I never said he shouldn't... Maybe it's because I've only been with one person but personally I'm perfectly fine with the question

  16. As opposed to one of my girlfriends, who asks the guy on a first date how many women he’s been with? She asks out of pure curiosity, is my understanding.

  17. As a girl, I ask to understand the intentions of the guy. How he treats his past relationships is an indicator of how he might treat our relationship. Is he a player? Does he take relationships seriously? It shows his values

  18. It decreases the wax but a small amount of waxiness is still there (which is good tbh). My scalp feels better though

  19. I'm thinking about using a curly girl approved leave-in conditioner spray or hair mist just for the nice smell. Honestly tried herbal rinses before but it didn't do anything for the smell

  20. I shouldn't be the one to say oh hey i fucked your sister. That should be on her i think. i just don't want things to end

  21. You're making excuses and this is very immature

  22. She deserves someone who doesn't do anything like this, 100%. She deserves better but i don't want to lose her. She is my girlfriend and i care so much about her

  23. I thought that wasn't considered low carb? It was awhile ago I read about the different flour alternatives, probably misremembering lol.

  24. I've tried a few different brands and none of them do it for me. I really just do not like the taste of almond flour. Love almonds, but not so much in flour form lol

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