1. Mine has needed it once in seven years (at age six), but it was awful, she ended up with an infected cyst in there, and needed antibiotics and painkillers.

  2. It was actually awful, she came inside having tried to have a poo, and just climbed onto me shaking and yelping, and there was blood and pus just pouring out of her, I just scooped her up and drove her straight to the vet hospital, which is thankfully only 5 minutes away. I still feel bad because I didn’t recognise the signs (swelling around her rear end, quiet, not wanting to walk).

  3. I’m glad you shared this! Yesterday she looked like she needed to go poop but she stumbled and got a little shaky :( I called the vet and we are going today to have them checked for infection.

  4. Orjen has a six fish amazing grains that is really good quality ingredients. Our dogs are really picky eaters so I supplement with the orjen kibble when they won’t eat raw/fresh food. We really like it!

  5. To me it sounds like something is stuck, but maybe that’s just because I’ve never heard kennel cough! When our shitzu does this with his head down and shakes, it usually means he has a piece of his dehydrated chicken jerky stuck and it always comes up. Let us know what you find out!

  6. I let our puppy sleep with us the first week because she was such a baby! But even now she sleeps in her crate, beside our bed, on a side table eye level with our bed! The more hours your puppy stays in a crate with feelings of anxiety, the harder crate training will be as they get older! They need to feel safe and comforted in the crate even if that means you bringing it beside the bed with you!

  7. I let our puppy sleep with us for the first week we had her. It didn’t disrupt crate training at all! The only reason we moved her to her crate was because once she was more comfortable with us and the house she would wake up on her own, go pee and poop (usually on the bed or in the bedroom) and I’d never even know it! It became a safety issue for her to not be crated at night since she could sneak off without waking us too. We still keep our crate by the bed, for the first week or so I would put my hand in to comfort her if she whined. She never whined for more than a few minutes!

  8. You definitely cannot leave a dog in summer heat for 10-15mins! Either leave the car running and lock it (if you have keyless entry or bring a spare) or just bring her to the bathroom with you. Official rest areas allow dogs in bathrooms but even at a gas station you can hold them in your arms to go pee. No one is going to call the police over you holding a dog while you pee and pay for gas!

  9. I love different animal names for pets! We were going to name our spaniel “pigeon” because she looks like lady from lady in the tramp, and that’s her nickname in the movie, but I couldn’t get everyone on board!

  10. I always stop at official rest areas because they allow dogs in the bathroom. Most cars now days can lock while running, but if yours cant, I would just stop at dog friendly bathrooms. You may have to plan it out before going but it shouldn’t be too difficult. Besides, if you carry your dog in your arms to go pee, most people aren’t going to say anything. You’re in and out in 5mins, it’s not like they’d call the cops.

  11. With big dogs especially, I would just avoid the park. I’m sure you know why. It does suck because the park can be fun and great socialization. It just isn’t worth the risk imo. It doesn’t sound like you did anything wrong. You can always reassure the owner that it’s normal play but if they’re uncomfortable then all you can do is keep your dog away. We have a sweet GSD in our neighborhood whose owner always lets come over to my small dog, who hates her. He says “it’s ok, she’s just playing” when my small dog obviously isn’t playing and bites back in an angry way at her play bites. I’ve tried to kindly explain to him that my dog (shitzu) just doesn’t like to play with other dogs. He’s a people pup. But the owner of the GSD doesn’t seem to care, he thinks as long as his dog is playing then it should be fine. Maybe this owner felt his dog wasn’t liking the play biting and didn’t want him to be reactive towards your dog. You just never know. In my case, I avoid walking in the direction of the guy with the GSD because he didn’t respect boundaries with my dog. I know she’s sweet, but that doesn’t make my dog ok with her.

  12. Omg poor baby! Please get them to the shelter or emergency vet as soon as you can!! Keep us updated!

  13. Unfortunately these behaviors will last til she is 6mths or more. It’s all just normal puppy behavior and you will get better about learning to read her cues and what types of redirection work for her! Dogs don’t have bladder and bowel control til 6-8mths. They don’t stop biting til they stop teething. Keep their world small and crate trained and you will have more success and peace of mind! Crate endorce naps to give yourself a break! When our 5month old puppy goes into shark mode, we play fetch. It consistently works to get her energy fix. She goes to the door when she needs to go out 90% of the time. The other 10% is just a lack of bladder control and having to stop and go wherever she happens to be at the time. It’s frustrating but you have to give yourself a break. There is no such thing as a perfectly trained puppy. Do your best.

  14. Getting a dog and having a kid can definitely reveal mental health issues that could have been ignored up to this point! That in itself is sorta a gift, I cannot tell you how much better life has been for me after using talk therapy and medication to help combat anxiety. I had no idea how much it really negatively impacted my life until a foster dog revealed my inability to cope with major change. It also should be said that I didn’t keep that dog. We fostered for a shelter that wasn’t completely forth coming about his breed and size until we had already taken him home. He was as sweet as could be but we just weren’t suited to have a large dog long term and it was really hard to admit that and let him be adopted by someone else! For the most part, puppy blues will pass. But you also need to listen to your gut. Give it more time, consider medication for yourself, and know that it’s not the end of the world if you’re not suited to have this dog right now. There’s also a helpful exercise where you can walk yourself through Rehoming the dog and allow yourself to feel everything that comes with that. If you find that you would likely be depressed and regret giving up this dog then you probably just have puppy blues and need to stick it out. Our neighbor has a beautiful cattle dog and he really doesn’t bark a lot! He’s so chill and sweet and our favorite dog to take walks with! Puppies and young dogs tend to bark more and if they haven’t been socialized then that’s probably going to cause more barking. Like everything else, you can teach them not to react that way long term. Look into some training classes or videos to help with the barking. Good luck to you!

  15. I second everything here. Some shelters have vets that come in a few days a week and see patients free of charge. There are some vets that are low cost vets that I had no idea existed until I was shopping around for surgery. You can call every vet in your area and ask how much a specific surgery or visit will cost before you go. One of the worst vet offices I had ever been to was the most expensive, I really felt they overcharged us simply because they were located in an area that was high income. Ever since that experience, I call ahead and check pricing. Throwing up in dogs is common, it’s not a cause for great concern unless it goes on for more than 24hrs. You want to withhold food and only offer water for at least 12hrs. Then you want to offer simple boiled chicken (no seasoning) and white rice. When they can keep that down is when you introduce new food. If it doesn’t resolve after 24hrs then you really need to take him in. Dehydration in dogs can turn to kidney damage quickly. If you’re unsure they’re dehydrated you can pinch the skin on his neck, if the skin stays up he is dehydrated. Our older dog was sick a few weeks ago and I called and asked if/when I should bring him in and that is what our vet office told me! His resolved all on its own and hopefully yours does too!

  16. I hate to be the weirdo that looked through all your post history but someone commented about the color of your frenchie and I was curious what color it was! Your puppy is super cute btw! It looks like you have had a few issues since you got them, and I’m not judging but it does seem like you’ve wanted to rehome this puppy almost since the very beginning! It also looks like you knew early on that jumping was dangerous and an issue for him but you didn’t do much to prevent it? Either there is some sort of generic issue with your dog or there is a neglect issue that’s compromising his safety. There really is no shame in Rehoming a dog if you feel you cannot care for it properly. If you still feel that way, go with your gut. Don’t keep him out of shame and end up putting him in danger because you cannot prevent these accidents from happening. It just seems like from your post history that he’s getting access to places he can easily hurt himself and isn’t being watched closely enough. Then again, I’m just a random stranger and have no clue what your day to day life is really like! I would just encourage you to follow your gut when it comes to keeping this dog! And if you do keep him, change your pet insurance ASAP! Trupanion covers 90% and is fairly affordable month to month, especially considering what you have been through! Keep pillows around your couch if you’re going to continue giving them access to that room. I would keep his space small and maybe even keep him on a leash attached to you when he’s out of the crate.

  17. I’m so sorry to hear about your pup! It looks like from your comment that you have done some good research! I think adding mostly fresh foods is wonderful, I wouldn’t worry about adding more carbs from grains. From what I can tell there is no evidence that grain carbs help dogs health wise in any way (cancer or not) there have been studies that show that feeding fresh foods to your dog will help improve health and quality of life. Just concentrate on giving them whole fresh and complete fresh foods and don’t worry so much about the carbs.

  18. Oh what I’ve been looking for. I want to try to take away dry dog food and replace it with real protein and wet Royal canin for the extra carb kick. But only some, his main portion will be protein. From what I’ve read so far is this the correct approach?

  19. Yes I believe you are correct! I wouldn’t worry about adding any carbs from grains if you are using Royal canin! Sunday’s for dogs is also an excellent food that is air dried and has some good grains in their recipe as well! They have a deal right now where you can get a free sample plus a full months box for half off!

  20. Personally I try to stay away from any kibble that has lentils in the top 5 ingredients as they have been linked to dcm when eaten in large quantities. Their freeze dried foods seem good quality though! If I had to feed a kibble I would go for the orjen amazing grains recipes. They are pea and potato free and have whole proteins as the first 5 ingredients.

  21. I was into Orijen too!!! But doesn't Orijen use a lot of lentils too? Thank you for being so nice!!! EDIT: are there any lentils in open farm? im using the Turkey and Ancient grain type!!!

  22. Orjen has some recipes that are lentil free! The last time I looked at open farm I believe the ones I looked at had peas and potatoes in the top 5 ingredients. But I have used their freeze dried recipes and our dogs have loved them! You just have to check the ingredient list!

  23. Try more mental stimulation games. Rachel Fusaro has some great tips and diy ones on her YouTube and IG! It sounds like your dog isn’t ready to be left alone free roaming for any amount of time though. Keep using a crate, even if it’s a short amount of time. When you start to free roam train you will only leave them for 5mins at a time to start with, 20-40mins for a high energy dog is simply too long to leave alone with full access to the house.

  24. Orjen is a good brand that has formulas that are pea and potato free! Personally I would stay away from anything with lentils in the top 5 ingredients. Watch out for things like “pea fiber” as it’s just a way to bulk up food without adding nutrients. Chicken can also be triggering to dogs with allergies! It’s not always just the grains. Most of what all humans and dogs are allergic to are the pesticides used in corn, wheat and soy. The problem then becomes that that’s the food the chicken and other animals are eating. So even if you avoid the corn/wheat/soy, you still may be getting the pesticides through the chicken.

  25. We also like primal raw and freeze dried raw! I really like the complete formulas since supplementing can get so complicated. We also like to use the air dried foods as treats or as a meal if they’re not interested in their food that day. We add goat milk with coconut oil to freeze dried raw foods as a treat sometimes and we also always have the “a pup above” brand fresh food on hand. Our older dog has always hated kibble so it’s never been something I’ve bought. Our puppy likes to graze on it sometimes though so I leave out a bowl of the air dried food mixed with the vital essentials freeze dried bites since they are a kibble texture. We also use the farm hounds brand dried organs as chews since they are more nutritious than most jerky!

  26. Give him a bath? If your dog is tied up in the yard all day then of course it smells bad! Our dogs smell briefly after walks but we spray them with a herbal flea spray and it smells really good! It honestly sounds like you need to rehome this dog. You stated in other comments they’ve never had anal glands expressed and can’t go to the vet because of financial reasons. Dogs cost money, you have to be able to take them to a vet when they need it and perform basic grooming tasks.

  27. It really has a lot to do with your breed. Look into your breeds specific health concerns and then take steps from there. For example, we have one breed that is especially prone to neurological issues, so nexguard is out of the question. The issue with vets offices is that sometimes they get incentives to sell a specific brand and will not adhere to actual evidence of risks for certain breeds. It’s really up to you to be your pets best advocate! With our breeds we use frontline plus topical treatment in the summer along with a natural flea spray (kin and kind or wondercide) as well as the kin and kind flea preventive bath once a week in the summer. We haven’t found a single tick since starting the spray in addition to the topical treatment! The topical treatment on its own will kill ticks once they bite but they can still hitch a ride into your house and get on furniture or another indoor animal! That just wasn’t ok with us!

  28. Love your name olive! We almost named our ruby baby the same!

  29. Wet food is always better for them than dry! We have two cats and use Sheba single servings and one pack of 12 (24 servings) lasts a week! It doesn’t have to be expensive to do wet food! They each get a serving in the morning and night and they have access to a high quality kibble and fresh water at all times. It also is good for cats to drink purified water as studies have shown animals who drink only tap are prone to more health issues than those who drink purified water!

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