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  1. 9th house stellium and Sagittarius rising, those could be the indicators

  2. Really? Where and how? Do you have an example how social media is promoting this?

  3. There’s many videos like these but I can’t find the specific one I saw yesterday

  4. Alright. This video, she is against it. And when you read the comments people are saying "thats messed up"....

  5. I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t know who told you that you’re supposed to pretend your period isn’t affecting you, but that person is wrong. Hopefully you can get some time to rest today. I hate to assume anything with you but if you’re experiencing cramps or bloating I highly recommend Pamprin, it helps me a lot. As for the emotional part, don’t let fear of what others think keep you from dealing with them. If you have access to medical care I do think it would be a good idea to see a doctor about this. I don’t like self diagnosis but you could explore the notion that you might have PMDD. The Dr might even be able to help you set something up with your work so you can take time off when you’re going through this.

  6. This!! When you forgive people that did something disrespectful, they’re always gonna do worse eventually

  7. Those planets in the 4th house show that there are family/childhood wounds, or that his problems started there. So an healing journey could start from solving those things

  8. Having placements in the 3rd house you could be interested in teaching or anything related to communications

  9. Everyone’s saying pisces and yes it’s true, but Ive never met a bigger doormat than my Libra stellium mother

  10. So true, I literally always daydream when I’m out with someone because real people aren’t interesting

  11. Real people are very much interesting. Alot of characters are based on real life people

  12. Yeah I generalised, luckily there are exceptions between the common people

  13. Beauty is subjective so they don’t really make sense

  14. Heather, I feel like she’s probably normal outside the show

  15. PlayStation, Netflix, my books and Studying Russian are like the things I live for. At least I can speak a bit of Russian I guess. 4/5 not complete useless.

  16. Sorry for the question, but how do you get the motivation for hobbies

  17. The whole Covid thing happened during my 5th house profection year and it was the first year I was happy in a while, everything was less serious, I had an easier time studying and I had a few people reach out to me because they liked me. Once the 6th house profection year started, all of that was ruined, I never had such an intense year of work/studying and everyone stopped talking to me,also lots of physical illness. Now I’m in my 7th house profection year and tbh nothing happened yet, except people started talking to me again and I made a few new friends.

  18. I'm a Capricorn rising and absolutely detest Aquarius season. The horror happens in my 2H. My partner is a Virgo rising (Aquarius 6H) and also abhors this time of the year. In the Northern hemisphere I guess cold and drab mid-winter doesn't fill many folk with joy 🤷🏽‍♀️🌧️❄️

  19. Hahah I didn’t think it could be bad for most people

  20. Oggi vado dalla psicologa dopo due mesi, onestamente sono contenta

  21. Io ho appuntamento settimana prossima dopo un mese. In questo mese e successo di tutto. Ho una lista lunghissima

  22. Esatto, è scomodo quando gli psicologi non possono lavorare perché il percorso si interrompe e la situazione peggiora possibilmente

  23. Some people have trauma from being left alone (by friends or family) during an age in which their brain was developing, so it’s not their fault for wanting a relationship thinking it’ll fix things

  24. As an Italian this is my go to pizza, yet all my foreign acquaintances think this is weird. It’s just fries y’all

  25. Bdsm was never meant to be popularised in my opinion, after the movie 50 shades of gray which was super mainstream, I assume a lot of people got close to “bdsm”, but you can’t absolutely take that image that you see in the movie as the actual practice. In the bdsm community, people educate themselves on the practices, risks and how to negotiate consent. 50 shades of grey, wattpad and all that bs brought bdsm to a mainstream status, therefore attracting the ignorants who see a “romanticised” side of it. Then they try to replicate these things and that’s when risks happen, because they didn’t educate themselves and simply tried to emulate some media they saw. So no, mainstream bdsm like 50 shades of grey isn’t feminist at all, but actual bdsm where people educate themselves on risks and consent is, because the woman has the power to do what she wants, since she’s not forced.

  26. I don’t know why I’m blocked cause it happened after a month of not talking, I contacted him on socials where he didn’t block me and he never replied. I wish I could talk to him

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