1. Anyone who has never seen the original cannot possibly have a valid opinion on a remake. Periodt

  2. Solid film. Really intense end sequence lol. Some really grisly scenes as well.

  3. I wondered that as well lol. But they were just trying to introduce the new character.

  4. Steve Zahn's, Alexandra Daddario's and the Steve Zhan's character's kid weren't assholes.

  5. I enjoyed Saw the first time I did it. Its not structured like a typical escape room -- if you like set design and haunts you'll probably enjoy it.

  6. Just curious, is there anyone here who gives a shit about this show? If so, why?

  7. its fun watching the compilations of them fighting on youtube. or just the compilations of meghan lol

  8. Yeah its stupid. For some unknown dumbass reason they decided to split the season into three parts

  9. Theyve always broken it into 2 parts? They just added an extra pod of episodes on to this season. Is that so hard for you to understand? lol

  10. That personality type test is shit anyways and I've noticed most people who "claim" INTJ feel like it gives them the write off the be obnoxious assholes lmao

  11. yep a lot of INTx types think they're House or Rick Sanchez or some shit

  12. A lot. INTJ women usually are the most likely of all female types to end up single. Men don't like them, they don't come across as feminine.

  13. Peter Capaldi absolutely needs to be tapped for a biopic on Jordan Peterson

  14. Im going for the first time this year. This thread has me so jealous of people who have gone multiple times!

  15. Hit the gym bro, stop spreading your salt while you got cookie crumbs on your stomach. Life is too beautiful being salty

  16. Maybe worry more about why your girl is fucking chad behind your back lol

  17. Let us not forget, Fanone was a self described trump supporter and voter before the Insurrection.

  18. Ah yes, if a woman agrees to have sex she can never withdraw consent at any point after. That doesnt sound rapey at all!

  19. There's a big difference between falling into traditional roles just because you happen to/because you enjoy them, and making them your entire personality. Trads are the latter lol.

  20. I've always heard 77-85 as the Xennials/Oregon Trail Generation. But it's an approximation, I think.

  21. yeah, i was born in 85, I dont remember playing that game and I dont really relate to xennials lol.

  22. I really don’t understand men wanting a submissive counterpart…. Why do you need that? I’m a man… 35, works in trades… arguably I’d fit some stereotype of the kinda guy I’d think would say this … and yet. I don’t have any weird expectations from my wife… we are just two wings of one bird as far as I’m concerned.

  23. These types can't hold a debate with a feminist without resorting to emotional arguments and eventually being driven to tears. I know from experience lol.

  24. No real story, I've just made these types (who also go on about how everyone ELSE is too sensitive these days) cry in public when they tried to challenge me.

  25. Woke people complain about shows they don't watch all the time.

  26. So do sleep people, just look at the bitching over the little mermaid, or lightyear, or rings of power, etc etc.

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