Jake and Jake

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  1. Big Ts first words being “So you want to take away all our guns” is the least shocking thing in the world. Nothing about the kids cause fuck em, the right to be scared and own a gun is more important than children’s lives . Also if Big T really took time to actually read the Bible and read what Jesus’ teachings were he probably wouldn’t call himself Christian considering Jesus was anti war, anti capitalist, and very anti imperialism.

  2. I haven’t listened to the episode so don’t know if this is a bit, but gaga ball is a great camp game where you’re in a court with walls all around and you have a ball and you try to hit other people in the leg. Kinda like a chaotic ground version of dodgeball

  3. "NFL players who you thought would suck but actually were not that bad if you think about it feat. Clem"

  4. That’s such a Clem draft to be on hahahah

  5. On the one hand Jake would make a great mike. But on the other hand Jake would also make a great mike. Tough call on who is who.

  6. I think I’d definitely say Jake is Mike and that Jake is Mike but I’m open to have my mind changed

  7. Big T is going to hate him and I’m so excited

  8. Owen being the sober guy saying “just cause you’re saying it loud doesn’t make it funny” was the most relatable moment

  9. April games up north don't make sense. I'm not saying cancel April games like the owners want but at least front-load games down south or in domes. Cubs tix are dirt cheap this weekend because we have a 70% chance of snow tomorrow, against the Brewers, who have a dome...

  10. See my argument would be then all the northern teams have an advantage at the end of the season when it gets closer to the playoffs because they’ll have a lot more home games

  11. That’s a fair point. In a perfect world northern teams would play away a lot in April and home a lot in May. That way by end of June, it should be balanced out.

  12. That’s a lot more logical and is a fair balance I think

  13. I disavow him but Putin would fuck Musk up easily

  14. Big Cat yelling “watch out!” Made me laugh super hard as I laid in bed…I’d shit myself if I was driving haha

  15. He was high as a kite that whole interview hahah

  16. I like a few barstool podcasts but anytime I hear people mention wake up times or work hours, I hate everyone there lol

  17. To give credit to the producers and stuff those guys are up super late a lot of them mention regular being up till at least 3-4am so then coming in later makes sense imo

  18. “Ape Escape: On the Loose” on the PSP

  19. Oh I don’t disagree, it annoys me but makes me happy at the same time in the most twisted way

  20. This is clearly OP trying to promote himself right? What a fuckin weirdo

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