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  1. They do NOT burst into flames unless they are equipped. If they're just chilling in your inventory, nothing will happen to them.

  2. It still took me hours of waiting and collecting other koroks, so they certainly should have regenerated by the time I cot around to checking.

  3. A bit late to the party, but a 1% chance per minute means that you have to wait an average of 4 hours for a 90% probability - but only ACTIVE playtime counts. Every minute spent in a menu, cutscene, loading screen, the map, dialogue with NPCs, everything that makes a pop-up box appear, and while the software is suspended / closed does not count. If you, for example, swap armor or weapons a lot, cook a lot, talk to NPCs all the time, freuqently enter and leave shrines, warp around the map all the time etc. then it takes a lot longer, since these short "breaks" in the timer accumulate very fast.

  4. I did it multiple times but the issue three times I had was them coming back but the middle tree not having its one apple

  5. It's RNG and with a ridiculoulsy low chance. It is sadly kind of normal to wait for a very VERY long time...

  6. 🤔 ok I see does chopping the multiple tree down and leaving the other two up help? Because I read it tricks the game into respawn the two left up first

  7. On the contrary. Chopping the tree down "deletes" ALL fruit that had already respawned - in a best case scenario, it has no effect whatsoever, and in a worst case scenario, you'll have to wait even longer since now there is more fruit to respawn and the game may decide to respawn all the fruit you do NOT need first.

  8. I'll probably get laughed at for this, but ... the Rider Bokoblins at Highland Stable.

  9. AFAIK the English version is the only one with a bunch of obvious translation errors (Ganon "giving up" on reincarnation - in all other versions, it is some sort of "obsessive refusal to give up on reincarnation" so the exact opposite) and awkward changes (the love letter quest comes to mind - in all other versions, they're just platonic pen pals and Finley is an actual child, not that weird "adult without a growth spurt" thing).

  10. Blood moons aren’t on a set timer. They occur based on a number of factors, including time, but also stuff like how many objects are on screen, how many objects are loaded throughout the world, how many things you’ve killed, and others I’m not remembering. But it’s not a set amount of days or time in or out of game.

  11. Maybe that explains why fireproof lizards aren't spanwing

  12. Fireproof Lizards are not related to the Blood Moon. They respawn by one of a number of other respawn mechanisms (

  13. It's a set timer of 2 hours and 48 minutes of IRL time, but only active playtime counts (so no time spent in menus, cutscenes, dialogue etc.). Everything else you listed has zero influence on the timer.

  14. au contraire - the voice acting was worth it for Sean Chiplock alone. The other VAs are a nice bonus tho.

  15. Hey I wanted to tell you I was able to recover my dlc and master mode file thanks to your advice! My son had purchased the dlc. So when he came over to visit he signed into his Nintendo account and I was able to redownload it from there! I'm 51 and sometimes this old lady gets frustrated and isn't the best with tech stuff. Thanks again for the help ❤️

  16. ... especially since it seems to be programmed to always appear right after the player died. "Oh you just died? Try not to be a dumbass, maybe?" ...thanks, game. Very helpful.

  17. There are currently 25 Zelda-themed amiibos on the market. However, some of them are duplicates by default, and some of them don't unlock anything interesting in BotW.

  18. Help out a noob here, my slate doesn’t show completion rate, does it something that come up after you complete the main quest?

  19. That map completion tracker shows up after you've beaten Ganon at least once. Also keep in mind that this is not an overall game completion counter but solely for MAP completion, so things like quests, armor, the Master Sword, the Hyrule Compendium etc. will not increment this counter.

  20. Let's assume you have the max Durability+ Biggoron's Sword, which would be equal to 111 points. You automatically lose one point by transferring, so you end up with 110

  21. Thanks for information. I didnt scanner amiibo for like 3 days but today i got the twilight bow durablity up I checked and i was 145 and i checked if its the max

  22. It's my second play through and my first time finding one. I didn't realize they weren't rare. I did find it at Upland Lindor. Is there anywhere else they spawn or is that the only place?

  23. Have you tried to shield jump back into the battle by clipping the wall?

  24. You can clip back into the fight and you can defeat Ganon, but after the credits you'll get booted back into the same mess as before as the game simply loads the last autosave - and during that save, the game world was already glitched up beyond repair.

  25. Is that a thing? I thought the blood moon made the monsters come out

  26. The Blood Moon respawns previously slain monsters and their equipment, as well as "loose" weapons lying around in the overworld. Chests do not respawn, but with the sheer amount of blades, clubs, bows and shields that are scattered all over the area and/or held by monsters, it is profitable to raid the castle after every Blood Moon. Also; Guardian Parts farming.

  27. It is super cringe, yes. But since the Fairies are women and Link is a guy, our society percieves it as kinda okay somehow... don't ask me why, as I have no idea. I swear if the Fairies were male and Link a woman, then the reactions of the public would have been one hell of a lot different...!

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