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How a flat earther is born

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  1. Probably the same amount wrong with you. Humor is a healthy mechanism. Until soft as bitches like you who get no attention need to try and white knight for someone you don't know. Homie posted his personal shit online, and was fine expecting multiple results. Fuck off with telling people how to cope how bout that

  2. Bro could dish it out but couldn't take it when it came back to him, if that isn't soft then I don't know what the fuck is lol

  3. Mmm yeah downvote me while also advocating someone else that isn’t me gets raped. How are things on that white steed white knight

  4. So you can dish it out but you can't take it, lmfao go get fucked loser

  5. I wish I could've evaporate the neurons that are currently drilling that sentence into my brain

  6. I do not know but from the name alone I assume kids are involved and boy does it make me wish I was brave enough to kill myself :(

  7. I think more places need more o adapt this .. it’s enough.. this generation doesn’t want to work .. cried all the damn time about how it’s not fair they have to work.. (it’s called adulting) but they want things like they should just be given to them .. sorry not your mommy’s house anymore .. earn be productive.. and a positive member of the team or leave!

  8. Once places start paying a living wage then they can adopt this, til then they get the attitude their paying for, if you think your employees aren't worth paying a living wage then what's makes you think it's worth their time to be your slave?

  9. A living wage ? That’s on you not the employer .. if you take a job you are entering into a contract saying the compensation to do that job is ok for you.. if you want more money quit! Learn a skill , make yourself invaluable.. you can’t make demands when you are expendable.. that’s the problem with your thinking not the businesses .. you think you are worth more than you are.. that works at mommy’s house .. just not in the real world ..

  10. Sorry but that's how it used to work in the real world :) I say this because on a janitors salary my grandmother was able to buy two houses and support a family get fucked loser I don't wanna hear SHIT about the real world from someone who obviously wants to live in his own little fantasy world, a living wage should be standard, not a fucking reward, go eat some dirt you prick, you're prolly one of those cunts that think the only people who deserve to have a living wage are university graduates or people who work themselves to death

  11. Come talk to me when feminists can let men host men only events without causing a scene and getting the event cancelled

  12. Why because you don't want to acknowledge that feminists don't want men to have the same support they have? Well sucks to be you fucker

  13. Mhmm, atleast we don't stone women to death just because they show a little bit of skin :/ try again, fuck the whole religion, either get with the times or die off like it should have

  14. At least men there don't gaslight women and abusing them and trying to normalize man cheating to them like here 😂

  15. Oh my god you're stupid it makes so much sense, I'm so sorry that you were born deficient, seems like that god of your didn't do you any favours huh :/ don't you have a woman to beat to death for not acting and dressing exactly how your religion dictates

  16. But I seem to recall her winning a trial in England, wasn't it regarding the same thing?

  17. Man, there's some really shit takes when it comes to Redo Of Healer, and funny enough their all the same, applying our sense of right and wrong to a fantasy world lmfao

  18. Ofc because your religion hates it when people make their own decisions and how to live their life to the point where they get stoned to death in public, eat shit

  19. My bad. Should've specified that not every woman is a prostitute. Thought you guys were smart enough to understand that.

  20. And you wonder why people think you religion needs to be erased when it's nothing but oppressive bullshit

  21. As someone raised in a Portuguese household, I understand this, seeing this actually makes me miss my mother

  22. you do this incredibly easy due to my light weight, snapping my neck in the process

  23. I doubt anything bad would happen :/ idk this seems like a weird concern

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