Bernie sanders being arrested for protesting against segregation, aged 21.

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An Iranian woman cutting her hair at the funeral of her sister who got killed by the Islamic morality police during the anti-hijab protests in Iran.

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  1. The list is too massive to pull together in a reddit comment.

  2. Trumps major money donors have fled while Desantis is breaking records with campaign hauls. Follow the money. The only one who thinks Trump has a chance is Trump and his loyal crew. Granted they are a huge number, but it's not sustainable in the long run.

  3. it's straight up false to assert that only trump and his crew think he has a chance; ask pretty much any professional in political forecadting and they'll tell you he is currently all but the presumptive nominee. get out of your weird bubble

  4. The professionals are seeing pretty clearly that Trump is likely to win the Republican Primary... and pretty much guaranteed to lose the General Election.

  5. This is also not true. Trump might not be the favorite for the 2024 general but no one in forecasting would tell you he is "guaranteed to lose". Right now head to head polls pitting him against Biden are almost dead-even and it's completely plausible that Trump could gain ground if economic conditions in the US degrade or other catastrophes happen. It's also very possible that Biden doesn't even run again in 2024. It's wild and irresponsible to act like a second loss for Trump is all but a foregone conclusion.

  6. this goes into the playlist of videos i watch when i've deluded myself into thinking im hot shit

  7. Can we stop blaming disney for every damn thing?

  8. ok do u have a paper version of this. would be easier to dig into than a 22 minute video

  9. You can walk into USPS anywhere in the country and start at over $19 an hour right now. With zero work experience or training.

  10. Why isnt retirement age also the politician cut off age lol?

  11. it could be if we collectively stopped voting for old people

  12. aw he reminds me of kimblee from fma, especially that last image

  13. google scholar extension still implements this feature better

  14. I have a stupid question. My Amazon prime deliveries take 2 to 10 business days. Even when it says it will be delivered in 4 days it takes longer.

  15. all my stuff gets delivered on time but i live in a city where amazon has warehouses and so on

  16. That's a weird perspective. Doesn't sheer quantity count for anything?

  17. I think there's a lot going here. One thing is that Twitter is overwhelmingly left-wing to very left-wing and and Nate's politics just aren't that. It's so funny how conservatives think Nate is cooking the books to make it look like the GOP has no chance (dumb on so many levels) when his own politics are hardly simpatico with the average Democrat. I also think the tone on Twitter is consistently moralistic, hectoring, and apocalyptic. Nate's contrarian 'Is that really the case' skepticism is just fundamentally at odds with the ethos of the site. Finally, his refusal (a well-founded one in my view) to go full Branch Covidian and say we should have mask mandates and the like forever a day has really alienated a lot of neurotics on twitter and they like to attack him.

  18. imo in practice (he might call them his "revealed preferences") he's quite simpatico with the average democrat. however, the average engaged twitter user is substantially to the left of the average democrat and not really core to the base that, for example, selected biden in the 2020 primary.

  19. should probably tell people in the search phase specifically to use google scholar since it indexes preprints on researcher webpages and so on

  20. "and this is where i'd put my star destroyer...IF I HAD ONE"

  21. I get the joke, but i thought the second was pretty fun, the third was terrible but the ridiculous spy ending should have been the entire movie. I think they should have done some ridiculous plotline where some government agency hires them to infiltrate an acapella competition and like help stop an assassination or something using Amy's skills.

  22. i had a friend sit through the second movie with me when it came out and by like 15 minutes i felt super embarassed to have done it

  23. Glad to know dickshaming is just as pervasive in gay culture

  24. But despite his reputation as a miserable wretch, you might envy him one thing: his vacations. Plowing and harvesting were backbreaking toil, but the peasant enjoyed anywhere from eight weeks to half the year off. The Church, mindful of how to keep a population from rebelling, enforced frequent mandatory holidays.

  25. this isn't really a good source for the claim (which is actually false); doesn't even reference to peer reviewed historical research.

  26. I saw something the other day that said medieval peasents got more paid time off than we do.

  27. Thanks, I've checked them (and many similar), but they are not complete nor very good and are missing any test dataset. The best repo I've found is

  28. thanks for following up. thats very interesting to hear and i might be able to let some of the researchers know about these limitations. im sorry the available options aren’t up to standard for your goals.

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