1. Not “Chinese” but Marc from ILW has a MOP and Blue Dial watch that has a similar vibe.

  2. Chuds and Jeremy Yoder seem to disagree (yes, yt channels). I am skeptical too but want to see for myself.

  3. 30 years of smoking tells me it does not block smoke. By your logic, you shouldn't have put salt & pepper on either.

  4. ...and young men shouldn't try to grow mustaches before puberty.

  5. They are expensive, don't get hot enough and need constant cleaning.

  6. Based on the construction of that shed, I'll bet the mowers were not very well cared for.

  7. I tasted one last week and it tasted like a green pepper with no heat. Did I get a bad pepper?

  8. They come in all different levels of heat but certainly hotter than a bell pepper.

  9. Caribbean sauce: (Habaneros or Scotch Bonnets are best)

  10. It means you are sentenced to hours on hold with EGO customer support.

  11. By "formula" do you just mean another off-the-shelf product? I.e. it's just a case of knowing the market?

  12. FYI: The brand is owned by WR Watches, which also owns these vowel-phobic brands:

  13. My gardening pal at work told me that the best and hottest peppers need to be borderline water starved. You're essentially trying to replicate the U.S. southwestern climate. You need enough water to keep the peppers from dying not any more.

  14. This. I stress my peppers with no water for a week sometimes.

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