1. Ohio had legalization on the ballot before in 2015 and it was the voters, not politicians that caused that to fail. I have full confidence we'll be voting on it in November this year. I'm more worried about voter turnout and support.

  2. A whole different thing. It failed because of the built-in monopoly provisions.

  3. So from what I can find Ohio's governor can only veto an 'appropriation' or 'budget' bill. An initiated statute bill wouldn't normally fall under either of those. BUT I haven't looked to see if an initiated statute bill could be added as a 'rider' to a different unrelated appropriation or budget bill. If that's the case, the veto could still be overridden by a 3/5 majority vote in the house and senate, which is unlikely but not impossible.

  4. Good points. If this is true, then the bill will simply die.

  5. Can't help you with how to address your appeal but I don't think it matters, as you don't really have a case. There are no W2s and you said that Paychex has no records.

  6. I have timesheets and like 1000+ communications of my work being directed, a company credit card, I signed leases on behalf of the company, hired/fired staff etc. I have all of that documented and submitted.

  7. I feel your pain, but contractors follow directives, hire and fire and have company credit cards. I know, I was one, as well as many associates I worked with.

  8. Received my 1099G in correspondence says same (not correct)amount as yours $18,000 . I called and was told it’s a glitch and we will be sent correct 1099 no time frame. They are also addressing the problem with claimants who can’t open correspondence.

  9. Do not count on them fixing this "glitch" anytime soon.

  10. There was never a document to begin with in my box. Just an email saying there was one.

  11. I use my atomic clock synced G-Shock. I am very regular.

  12. The word "bizarre" is overused, but it sure fits here.

  13. I’m not when bothering trying to reset my pin. I think it’s the tax information in the correspondence and I received it in the mail today. Not worry the aggravation

  14. You are probably right, but with all the fuckery in the last few years with fraud, overpayments, etc., I wanted to check.

  15. I get that totally!!! Praying it’s not a note saying I owe 10 k or something. Not sure why all the sudden our accounts are messed up. It was working fine!!! Irritating

  16. They went to this OHIO ID system, which is one password for all state of Ohio accounts, but of course, they set it up poorly.

  17. It’s actually a fake Tudor Bb58, but thanks.

  18. "Son, your mother and I have been talking, and we feel that it is about time you moved out of the basement. And Marc, we'd like to ask that you stop seeing our son. Maybe you should spend time with people your own age."

  19. Jesus, those shoes look like something in a Jane Austen novel.

  20. Chicago: "Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?

  21. If you can find one in your country, buy a kamado (egg-shaped) grill. They are versatile, they burn fuel economically, and they hold heat well.

  22. I have never had good luck making it from scratch. I usually doctor a bottled one like Sweet Baby Ray's by adding vinegar and mustard to a sweet style

  23. Wearing a red string with on your left wrist is typically associated with Kaballah. This guy is wearing it on his right wrist though, so who knows what his thought process was...

  24. That's a complicated question, but in about one sentence: it's a set of Jewish mystical teachings. Followers tend to believe it predates modern religion.

  25. You paid HR Block $319??? A real CPA will do it for that.

  26. Well she’s a senior tax analyst I think she’s a cpa

  27. Michigans Dispensary numbers on medical side show that a lot of Ohio patients visit Michigan….so much so, that the tax revenue is what is pushing legislation for recreational

  28. Tax revenue is not pushing the push for recreation. If they cared about that, they would have passed it long ago.

  29. It's a Rolex Wimbledon. In England they use the metric system.

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