1. Would you consider post-finale or finale fix-its in your canon compliant request? Or just things set within the actual canon timeline?

  2. Actual canon I would enjoy. I make up the visuals in my head from the show mixed with story as I read.

  3. Okay, I've got a few! No promises on whether or not things like pet names are used or level of mush, but in general these are pretty well set within canon and true to character in my opinion.

  4. Ummm,just how much of a free time do you have on your hand?

  5. Very true,I don't like the storyline,but I don't hate the character. A lot of people hate her because they see her only as Dean's mother,not a lady who died,was happy in heaven with her young family and was resurrected to see her boys almost like her age. No one can have a healthy reaction to this.

  6. Something about you is disturbing, spouse I can still grudgingly accept, talking so casually about choosing father over daughter's life is scary. Either that or are you a troll.

  7. It's more like they are trusting their numbers and don't want to make any exceptions, for any show, for any creator. This kind of management mentality has its pros and cons.

  8. You sure this is your cat? This image bas been floating for ages now on the web.

  9. I was about to write a similar post. Glad you did. The more I rewatch the series as I go through my own life,Dean,for me is someone I will actively run away from. And his hypocricy is astonishing,to say the least. I used to be a huge Destiel shipper,but no more. Dean was,dare I say,borderline abusive towards Cas,with a huge ego. The writers ofcourse,gave us the occasional Dean's self-loathing sob sessio to hide what an egoist and entitled jerk Dean actually was.

  10. I ship Destiel but it hurts to see when Deans repulsive actions towards Castiel. They’re all hurting, but Dean is more selfish. Understandable, when you consider the child abuse he went through growing up. But it’s no excuse obviously for his actions as an adult.

  11. Oh I love Destiel,I am a huge shipper myself,but nor sure if it is healthy anymore. My perceptions changed when I was a Cas in real life for 8 long years with some one like Dean. I can not change their childhood or the still on going trauma,but atleast work on it. Making it your whole identity and shield simply wrecks the other person.

  12. Why are similar questions popping up daily on my feed now? Don't folks do a simple google search first?

  13. https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/local-news/vancouver-weather-nine-kittens-boxes-6311739

  14. You may want to check the link you shared,seems to be incorrect.

  15. Straight up bs his wings never burned off since he wasn't a angel when metatron burned off the other Angel's wings. he just got nerfed, he should have been full powered after Jack brought him back but yenno cw is trash and he cant be strong since it takes away from the boys being special.

  16. Powers,story and plot went straight out from studio to raccoon trash cans to make Dean and Sam the only heros. Removing powerful,weapon-like characters to make them the all single pair of God defeating supermen.

  17. This gets posted every other month now. Same unpopular opinion,same arguments.

  18. We’ll I am disappointed with men but expressing my distaste isn’t sexist. Women can’t be sexist because we aren’t in positions of power. The word you might be looking for is misandry. Which from my experience is justified.

  19. Ummm,while I completely agree about marriage points,women can be and are sexist.

  20. I think it's gharh, which is just unrefined brown sugar, closer to a sugarcane than processed. My family uses it with chai.

  21. This made me laugh more than it should have 🤣

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