Video message about the revolution in Iran

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Our Civilization Is Hitting A Dead End Because This Is the Age of Extinction. The Numbers Are Startling. Extinction’s Here, And It’s Ripping Our World Apart.

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When you come across a feel-good thing.

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  1. You literally cannot believe anything the Islamic Republic says. They are constantly lying about everything all the time. If they want to execute you, they will say you did XYZ, torture you into admitting it or ratting out others, then execute you anyway and bury you in an unmarked grave unless your family agrees to go along with their story. The Islamic Republic are ruthless thugs.

  2. Fun fact: In the Canonical Bible (used by traditional orthodox Jewish faiths) there are more than 1 chapter of the Apostle James who was responsible for building the orthodox Judean Faith after Christ supposedly died. If I am remembering correctly there are actually 4 chapters of James, the last 3 of which were removed from the Bible when the original King James Version was created.

  3. Wow. I want the Bible Uncut Edition.

  4. Because of the raging antisemites who tend to say similar things while actually meaning that all jews are evil. Those bastards make things needlessly complicated for the rest of us who use words in good faith.

  5. Nah this is a deliberate talking point of pro-Israel groups like the ADL and AIPAC. They conflate criticism of a government with racism and it's mind boggling that it works. Raging antisemites are pretty easy to distinguish from, say, Noam Chomksy and his criticisms of the Israeli government.

  6. Put it on the Play Store

  7. Interesting, I wonder if it violates the light speed limitation of normal communication when quantum entangled qbit responds? Put another way, can this function as an FTL communication system? The sci-fi nerd in me really, really hopes so.

  8. The article answers your question. No.

  9. Really? I was looking for that and didn’t see anything that mentioned the speed of transmission of qbits. It does have this bit:

  10. I guess you have to read between the lines. This appears to be a simulation of quantum teleportation, which still requires casual connection so, essentially, it's not FTL and cannot possibly be.

  11. I wonder if this is what finally pushes him into Elizabeth Holmes territory.

  12. I actually don't understand how he's allowed to constantly lie about everything and get away with it when others do not. I'm also not American so not that familiar with the laws. Would love if someone can explain.

  13. I genuinely believe Harper was an exception, in that he fully understood and knew what greasy shit he was doing.

  14. Pierre will be the same. Guy is smart. Shame he is a massive shill and just currently exploiting populist grievances to gain popularity. A guy with his intellect, plus integrity, would have been great. But he's also a sell out.

  15. I don't know, is he smart? He's made some inexcusably bad comments, like his Bitcoin take and his constant woke commentary, plus standing with the convoy. What has he done that shows he has the acumen to keep the convince right party in line like Harper did? What comparable skills does he have to Harper's economic prowess, even if it was explicitly benefitting the haves? Harper wasn't likeable, but he was convincing to enough centrists and even liberals to win multiple elections.

  16. Those are all bad takes, objectively speaking, but in terms of politics, I can see why he did it.

  17. I guess the common denominator in those countries is that there are still too many primitive Islamists foaming at the mouth to establish their own illiberal states.

  18. My brother in Christ, the common denominator is western imperialism. Look up 1953 Mossadegh, then read about the events that lead up to it and what followed. Everything you see today in Iran is due to actions by England, France, and America.

  19. I know full well about Mossadegh. He was no angel himself but it is shameful what the British did. And the whole affair was much more complex than “Mossadegh was a gift from god and the West screwed it all up”

  20. Who said he was a gift from god? What I'm saying is the situations you see have been manufactured by the west.

  21. I don't think they realise how evil and delusional they sound. At least 326 people including 43 children killed so far.

  22. Everyone needs better rights in Iran. It's a right wing authoritarian theocratic dictatorship. Nobody is free, except the regime and their families.

  23. I'm not talking about a peaceful protest obviously. We're not armed, but we can still remove the pressure from Mahabad (at least).

  24. What kind of assistance can diaspora provide? I heard conversations on Twitter asking for training and equipment. Is there anything else? Simply being a voice is not cutting it.

  25. It's very difficult to standby and watch this happen without helping in some way. We'll have to think of something

  26. The Iranian people need help. They are outmatched in every way, except for sheer numbers. But the regime doesn't care. They have always been willing to mow down any resistance and cover up their crimes. So the large numbers are nothing but cannon fodder.

  27. - Welcome to the Machine

  28. 12ft not working for globeandmail anyone have a good alternative?

  29. https://archive.ph/2022.11.12-124028/https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/article-cmhc-rental-housing-construction-loans/

  30. I mean, a companies main job is to make as much money as possible while spending as little as possible.

  31. It's a publicly traded company's requirement. Once a company is public, it becomes an infinite growth machine. Small businesses do run sustainably sometimes, depending on ownership.

  32. Butt_Dickiss, the username so fake

  33. I was referring only to Iran and how they use religion to manipulate and for control. And I understand it’s a perversion of the original writings anyway.

  34. Perversion is a white washed way to put it. I know a lot of people in the west who don't know much about Iran say this to not be offensive to Muslims.

  35. Does this also apply to Persian rugs made of silk or wool?

  36. Reading the details made me sick. The brutality and cruelty of the Islamic Republic knows no limits. These mullahs and their thugs need to be gone yesterday.

  37. The difference is you're literally looking at video evidence of my statement. Moreover there are literally thousands of similar videos showing the same thing.

  38. Your original comment is now removed but from what I remember, you just made a blanket statement regarding Iranians, which is what was racist and ignorant. What you're seeing here is a protest. Iranians vs Iranians. More specifically, this is the people of Iran fighting against the Islamic Republic regime, so how exactly does a blanket statement against all Iranians apply here? What you said was racist af.

  39. George Carlin: "The earth will be fine, it's the humans that are fucked".

  40. I love George Carlin but I hate this quote.

  41. Seriously, grow up men of Iran. If you can’t see a woman’s hair and control yourself, then you are the problem.

  42. I'm a "man of Iran". It's not men. In fact, more men have died for this cause than women. It's the stupid fucking conservative fundamentalist religious authoritarian theocracy.

  43. This is a very bizarre take. How did you proceeded to make this about yourself?

  44. I don't need your lecture, my friend.

  45. No, it’s not, it’s not unreasonable for someone to expect sunshine to exist where they live. That’s a ridiculous fucking take.

  46. It is LITERALLY a "typical NIMBY" take as in it is something brought up every single time for every project. By definition, it's a "typical NIMBY" take.

  47. No a typical nimby take would be “the back 1/4 of my yard would get two hours less sunshine” not “this will block out the sun unless the earth changes its axis”.

  48. Bruh. I work in the industry. You're trying to dispute a fact with your personal opinion on your personal definition. Shade is LITERALLY a consideration for EVERY SINGLE PROJECT.

  49. pua stuff and mgtow often overlap, so that's not surprising.

  50. Might want to look up who Brittany Venti is...

  51. You think I don't know these things? Lol

  52. I wanna see your billions dead from capitalism argument.

  53. Ok, first you have to remember that this is not a serious argument but rather calling out how ridiculous the Black Book of Communism was in the way the numbers were tallied (eg counting deaths of Russians killed by Nazis as deaths due to communism etc).

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