1. What are you calling an extra part? I see hooks for elastics and bumps for buttons. Elastics and buttons are used to torque teeth that need to be turned, pushed inward/outward, or lengthened.

  2. I can’t really take a picture of it. But the top aligner has a piece that goes past my tooth. So it’s hanging over nothing. And I was told that I wouldn’t need elastics yet

  3. I’m pretty sure those are hooks for elastics, I would contact your provider

  4. That’s what I was thinking. But they said I wouldn’t have any rubber bands just yet. I’ll call in the morning. And what about the extra part hanging over on the top aligner?

  5. How can you tell ribbon snake and not garter snake? Is it only because of the state? Or is there more?

  6. If you can release it at the exact them spot and it's safe for the snake, do that.

  7. Should I release it in the woods about 3/4 of a mile from where we found him? Split by 1 road. Can’t get to the exact spot tonight

  8. Why did you move the snake 3/4 of a mile from where you found it? If anything happens to that snake it is on you.

  9. I wanted to keep it for a day to show people. Help sole friends get over their fear of snakes. Maybe help some snakes not he needlessly killed in the future. After actually having the snake, I’ve realized this causes too much stress for the snake and will not do this anymore. I’m releasing the snake back where I found it tomorrow

  10. While a bite will always hurt I presume you want to ask if it's venomous which it isn't it's a brownsnake however wait for RR to confirm but I'm fairly sure. I can't confirm if it is one because I don't have a location but I'm fairly certain.

  11. Have you ever been bit by a snake? I’ve been bit by snakes much larger and can barely feel it. Snake bites, at least in the US, generally don’t hurt

  12. That story doesn’t sound real. Correct me if I’m wrong, but venom doesn’t work like that that quick.

  13. That’s what’s causing this? Is there any way I can keep it in the same cup? Like maybe take it out, squeeze the roots, maybe trim some back? I have a tiny corner of my dorm room closet

  14. ^ repot and pinch off the buds, it doesn’t even need to be a big pot just bigger than a solo cup. Get a half gallon or 1 gallon pot and you should be fine for a few months

  15. I can’t keep it in a solo cup forever? How do people bonsai plants?

  16. Banded Watersnake, Nerodia fasciata, !harmless.

  17. How do you know it’s not a Florida water snake?

  18. There isn't a "Florida Watersnake". There are Florida Green Watersnakes, N. floridana, which have a pretty significantly different appearance, and there is a subspecies of the Banded Watersnake known as the Florida Banded Watersnake, but we don't use subspecies here, as they refer strictly to color and pattern morphology and don't represent actual genetic diversity.

  19. I was referring to the Florida banded water snake. That makes sense tho thanks

  20. I’m curious of this too. I don’t know much (or anything) about breeding snakes. How’s it different from breeding two of the same species?

  21. I got mine at just over 900. Good luck

  22. Oh shit I didn’t watch the whole video, that bite was well deserved. Bro is adding to the usual rattlesnake bite statistics

  23. And wouldn’t be surprised if he describes the snake as aggressive and quick to bite

  24. Me either, even though he was flailing the poor thing around like a ragdoll.

  25. Exactly, giving snakes a bad rep bc of human stupidity. That’s just how it goes

  26. Update: Highly rated vet local to me scheduled for 8:00 Monday morning, the soonest they could see us!

  27. Is there anything preventative I could do to keep them away?

  28. Keep your yard/ house organized. Prevent any water from being able to sit and not drain. Mow the yard. Try and get rid of any junk that could be hidden under such as tires, wood, metal, etc

  29. Yeah the unicycle will definitely help with the sense of balance

  30. Well i was able to walk across often on day 3

  31. Could almost mistake that for a Pygmy rattlesnake lol

  32. Was thinking the same thing. Saw 6 pygmies today. Look up Carolina pygmy rattle snake. Those look even more like this hog

  33. The Mercedes did. That why the white car is forced to move quick and go sailing over the speed bump.

  34. It’s funny to see how each post is different. Some Mach E posts everyone who says it’s not a mustang is downvoted and hated on. On other posts, like this, people who say the Mach E is a mustang are the ones who get downvoted.

  35. Unfortunately, the person killed it because he was “in a panic”. The comments are ate up with people saying “it’s definitely a rattlesnake” and “you can tell it’s poisonous by its big triangle head”…sigh. Poor snake. I don’t think it’s a rattlesnake, but I’m not qualified in any way to ID.

  36. What did people say after you commented the info from here, over to there?

  37. I love snakes. The pattern and color on these are so sick!!! If anybody can ID that would be lovely. I’ll try IDing too.

  38. Some type of harmless water snake. Nerodia

  39. Yup I knew it was a water snake but there’s a lot. This is South Carolina BTW. I think it’s a banded water snake. There’s a pond with lots of wildlife and waterfowl a stones throw from my front door. Haven’t seen the lil gator lately. Hope it’s doing well.

  40. It’s hard for me to tell apart different water snakes. Don’t have much experience with them. Only one I’m pretty confident with is a brown water snake. Sorry I couldn’t be more help

  41. I don’t think that’s the type of carpet you’re supposed to sell at a garage sale

  42. 1st one is an albino Burmese python 4th is a brown water snake they’re commonly mistaken for cotton mouths however they’re way more common down south

  43. That was another guess of mine. The banding didn’t go high enough which confused me. Not the best picture. Quite a dark brown water snake too. Thanks for clarifying tho

  44. Not OP but looks like an albino Burmese Python and a cottonmouth (Akistrodon piscivorous).

  45. Thanks. Those were my guesses as well

  46. Is this a reference to how to train a dragon?

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