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  1. Caterpillar. It's (in my experience) the most reliable heavy hauler in the game. Decent means to protect itself with a crew, I've had no issues taking it into xenothreat events before, and it's landing gear is extremely stable meaning I've never had a Cat blown away on me by strong winds even when I leave engines on. Plus it's one of the best looking utilitarian ships in the game with it being a fantastic demonstration of the Drake aesthetic.

  2. Is that why I have the Merlin P-52 in my ships list?? I bought the Andromeda and then the Merlin showed up too

  3. You actually have 2 Merlins. The one that comes with the Constellation doesn't show up in your ship list so pledge constellations also have a loaner Merlin that you can replace the unlisted one with if you need to. However this also means you can actually have both out at the same time, so if you want to have near station races with a buddy then all you have to do is bring out both your Connie and the loaner Merlin. Just be careful since the unlisted Merlin can only be replaced by a character reset, hence the loaner.

  4. There is so much wrong with this comment. 1. The ship in the list is not in addition to the one in the Connie. It is the one in the Connie. If you take it out and then spawn a Connie without storing the Merlin, it won't be attached. 2. Even if were an additional loaner ship, and you do use the merlin on it's own, and then it gets destroyed, all you need to do is claim it. None of the loaned ships are single use. There There for two reasons: either the ship you pledged isn't out yet or the ship you have has a massive bug rendering it unusable. In either case, claiming the ship will bring it back same as it was before.

  5. I've pulled out both merlins before simultaneously. I'm speaking from experience of exactly what I've personally seen in game.

  6. I find it hillarious that the AI can't decide whether or not the poster should be written in cyrillic or romantic script.

  7. I have heard credible rumours of an optional super boss at the end of hero mode in splat 3, but you need to basically 100% the game first.

  8. You're thinking of After Alterna. Not to spoil too much but it's not a boss fight, there is a pretty challenging combat gauntlet at the end though.

  9. I wonder how we have icy roads, deep snow, and sloppy mud in the same area.

  10. Having grown up in Canada, it's not a wonder at all to me. That just sounds like a typical february.

  11. Agreed, it's the main reason you'd choose chains in real life. While we're at it I'd love the option to add slack to our winches without needing to completely disconnect and reconnect them.

  12. Wait... they taught yall about lady parts in sex ed? They just told us about a penis, and don't have sex unless you're OK with getting pregnant and an std... God, my high school was shit...

  13. For my experience, they taught us about the uterus and ovaries in grade 4, but didn't teach us about the vulva until grade 9.

  14. Meat and dairy used to be in the same grouping on the food pyramid, back in the 70s and 80s.

  15. Even after they were split in common interpretations of the food pyramid they still were essentially the same because they shared a tier exclusive to themselves, like how fruits and vegetables are separate but really not.

  16. There was no saving this, probably, but I'll suggest when going down dangerous inclines, drop that sucker into low gear. It'll limit your speed down nice and slow and help keep cargo from bullying you into going faster.

  17. also use the handbrake to keep your nose pointed downhill.

  18. The part that killed it was the engine stall, since the game automatically disconnects any active winches when the engine shuts off.

  19. I didn't know we were capable of detecting electrical fields at all.

  20. We're also able to detect magnetic fields as well, albeit very faintly. Birds have a much stronger version of the same sense and use it to assist in wayfinding during annual migrations.

  21. Massive ground vehicles are still planned as something very long term. I recall earlier in this year CiG mention the Nova and Atlas vehicles are what they consider medium ground vehicles and that we will inevitably have larger sized ground vehicles too, probably not until we have a way to move them around system though.

  22. Maprunner is your friend now. I'm sure there's somewhere to craft them, but you probably just made a lot more work for yourself.

  23. Yellowrock forest has a concrete crafting area in the far north west side of the map. Just remember it takes a generator and 2 cement to craft a concrete slab. There's also a metalworks that can craft metal beams using metal rolls deeper in the forest south of the concrete plant.

  24. They just made themselves look even sillier with that last comment haha!

  25. Yep. Apple still does a significant portion of it's manufacturing in Asia. The internet was a multinational development but is most widely attributed (by people who actually know it's history) as a British invention.

  26. I'd imagine he keeps most of the gifts he's given, especially those gifted by state leaders. Imagine the diplomatic fallout it could cause if it came out that the pope immediately threw your gift away.

  27. That would only be true if ships couldn't be resold later. If you buy a bunch of ships during their early concept, the prices for them typically go up (to equalize with current ships) once they are released. Smart traders can stock up on these ships and sell for a profit once the price changes.

  28. RMT and grey market trading is directly against the terms of service of your RSI account (section III, bullet points 15-18, 22) and can get you permanently banned from all RSI services, not to mention it's very legally dubious. It does happen, but that doesn't mean it's a safe or reasonable way to make returns.

  29. lmao this is exactly what I plan to do, get a 600i. I get excited even thinking about it.

  30. I got one with credits before the last wipe. Honestly I think it's best to wait for the rework. As it is, it's still an enjoyable ship, but it definitely suffers from a few key flaws. Most notably I'd say is actually the lack of stairs or a jefferies tube between decks.

  31. If you aren't playing hard mode you can always sell them for a temporary boost in cash then buy them back after you've earned more money.

  32. Honestly Sonic boom had tons of potential beyond just the memes like knuckles saying he's a feminist. If the games themselves weren't so horrendously buggy and stuttery they'd probably have been considered among the better 3d sonic games.

  33. Agreed. I like the challenges style of gameplay, but I personally feel like it has less replayability than a more traditional campaign. At most you have 3 loadouts you can choose from and for most levels once you've cleared it with all loadouts there's not much more to gain by playing through it again since you've already proved you can do it.

  34. I know, it seems like km the only one who missed the nine different weapons gimmick

  35. To be fair, making each weapon type usable in every level does limit the level design and restricting weapon selection lets the designers build a level around specific gimmicks, but more loadout options definitely improves the replayability of a stage and splatoon 2 letting you get a hero weapon skin for all your favourite weapon types was quite nice.

  36. yes, but scanners don't always co-operate either. I have to scan electronic tickets all the time for my work and phones with low screen brightness or poorly applied screen protectors (especially plastic ones) never scan right away. Also days with lots of glare through the window can cause issues too.

  37. The telehandler? How do you even get it there?

  38. Cranes work too. The cable has no collision. The telehandler is the intended way though.

  39. Thanks. Think I’ll try the crane out. I sold the telehandler pretty early on.

  40. Personally I do find the telehandler fun, even if cranes are almost always better.

  41. Void Sabotage miniboss, Venkra Tel and Sprag!

  42. I'll be honest, I kinda thought DE forgot sabotage existed. Glad to see it getting some attention again finally.

  43. The speed limits in this game confuse me sometimes. I mean I get that we aren't driving on the roads while they're under ideal conditions, but I frequently come across moments where I'm like "Are you really telling me this narrow switchback down a densely wooded mountainside has a speed limit of 60 mph?"

  44. Pathfinding is a form of exploration. The 315p is also categorized as a pathfinder.

  45. Yeah, pathfinder is the class given to pretty much all exploration ships that don't have some form of self sustaining themselves on long journeys other than maybe a bed and storage. Where as expedition class ships tend to set themselves up as an all-in-one package or at least have some additional functions to help you keep going over longer periods such as a medbay or the ability to refine their own fuel.

  46. There’s no harm in cracking a game even if you didn’t pay for it. Fuck these corporations

  47. Fuck what the publisher wants, most developers would rather have people pirate their game than never play it at all. Though if it is an indie game that you do end up enjoying, consider supporting the developers in other ways such as spreading positive word of mouth.

  48. Imagine being an eldritch god with the highest kill count of other eldritch gods only to have your army be beaten by a bunch of angry lizards

  49. There's a really good book, I believe it's an armourer/smithing skill book but I can't remember it's name, that's all about a smithing competition between one of the empire's more renouned smiths with incredibly expensive tools and materials against a very poor argonian who ends up absolutely trouncing the empire smith at every turn because the competition was all about designing equipment for a campaign in black marsh, and nobody knows black marsh better than an argonian.

  50. Fuck now I gotta read the skyrim books

  51. To save you some time, here's the one I was thinking of

  52. Age isn't an identity, it's a numerical measurement of how long you have been alive. Gender is a form of identity that exists only in your own brain. Gender identity has been studied for nearly 100 years and has been thoroughly proven to be a real and valid thing.

  53. It's been studied for well over a hundred years, it's just that nearly all of the research older than that was burnt by the nazis.

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