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  1. anyone who goes to trent!! when did you get your offer? and what was your average

  2. I just got an offer on the 24th of November with a 97 grade 11 average and a 95 grade 12 average

  3. i got my offer too!! congrats :))

  4. my bestfriend got accepted for poli sci too!

  5. i got accepted too!!! congrats !!

  6. i got into trent for forensic science and anthropology.

  7. looking at all these averages now I'm stressing 💀💀

  8. i just got early acceptance to a school with my average being around 79. so don’t stress 🫶🏻

  9. yeah it was around 79.8 and my grade 11 was 81

  10. update: my dad just bought me a car 🥹 best week ever

  11. we just started trig and i’m already lost lmao

  12. thank you 😮‍💨 being chronically ill during the most important high school year of my life fucking sucks. thanks for the reassurance

  13. probably physics and chem. i’ve never taken earth & space. it also depends on who you are, i love bio and i’m really bad at math so i dislike physics, chem is mid tier for me

  14. forensic pathologist/anthropologist. you need to find something that sets your soul on fire, don’t settle. it’s impossible to be happy living a life doing something you have no passion for

  15. that doesn’t necessarily mean 3 million people will be trying to get tickets ! i have 10 people signed up to get a presale code for me, and i saw someone on twitter who signed up 32 times lol. hopefully everyone is successful getting tickets!

  16. Right, but I’d imagine that the same dynamics still apply to the other artists too at a similar proportion.

  17. true! all i know is harry was a bloodbath lol. trying to be optimistic tho!

  18. my entire next semester is science 🥲 sbi4u, sch4u, snc4m

  19. penn state or UC davis forensic science ! i’m already majoring in forensics but those schools are unrealistic for me lol

  20. in case anyone wants to feel less bad about themselves:

  21. it just depends who you are as a person i suppose.

  22. forensic science 🫶🏻 and possible a double major / minor in anthropology or history

  23. i applied to trent and it’s my dream school lol. makes me so sad when people say mean stuff about the school because the campus is gorgeous and there’s so many good programs. you should do a campus tour !!

  24. I went to the open house yesterday, and I love the campus. I go to a really small high school (graduating class has 80 kids) and I liked that it was small. I’m just a little put off by what I’ve read on here.

  25. i was at the open house too!! honestly do what’s best for you and don’t worry about what other people say lol. plus, schools/employers care about your skill more than your school. trent is also the number 1 undergraduate university in ontario so do with that what you will !

  26. no bc it’s actually exhausting lol

  27. i did this the other day lmaoo (this isn’t mine bc i put my insta too)

  28. you should look into the different career paths that each degree could lead to. you don’t have to have a decision made of what you wanna do, but a general idea of what type of job you’d be happy in.

  29. brock isn’t particularly a good science school but it’s a good safety! you should consider health sci too.

  30. i’m planning on doing a major in anthropology and forensics with a minor in history ! medical school after that :)

  31. Well they won't get you into any real uni programs, like anything STEM related.

  32. the funny thing about university is every single program ends in a degree! regardless of what you go in to! crazy how that works

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