1. There's no chance that I can scrap this I'm living in this van and don't really have a home to go back to

  2. Well then where you are at is home. Find the nearest town and stay there until you can figure out what's wrong.

  3. This is most definitely dry rot then. Months of not being used combined with weather conditions will do that. Surprised no one has suggested this yet.

  4. This isn't dry rot. He curbed the tire on something sharp/abrasive. Source 25+ years dealing with tires and auto repair. If it was dry rot you would see micro cracks all over the side walls

  5. Alignment should be done ever year. Unless you live in a place where the roads have no imperfections

  6. Rotating your tires regularly has way more effect on even tire wear than yearly alignments. There's absolutely no reason to align your car unless there's an issue

  7. Seems legit. Get a dealer quote and you'll probably be thanking these guys.

  8. I'm glad I work on my own cars. My wife used to get her oil changed at the local dealership because with coupons they sent out it wasn't worth my time. They sent her home with $1000+ estimates several times on things that needed to be "repaired". One time they sent her home with a $468 estimate to change a sensor. I called the service manager and asked about it. After his schpeil I told him I can buy that exact part for $48 in a GM box and it takes 1 10mm bolt and a plug. Less than 10 minutes labor. I'm not even kidding he asked me how much I was willing to pay to have them fix it. I told them I'd do it myself. That dealer spends all day ripping off grandmas

  9. Reading through the comments people seem to think this came from some public school, but this is pre school/daycare. Elementary school teachers don't change diapers.

  10. Yeah this isn't a school with an education barrier.

  11. Strangely enough, Elegoo resin seems to work well on my Anycubic Photon while the Anycubic resin performs better on my Saturns.

  12. I use exclusively Elegoo standard resin and have great success

  13. That's amazing. And I am finally getting comfortable enough in my DM skin to start going that route.

  14. That's awesome haha. My kids are working on a big quest for Lord Neverember. At the end he's going to gift them a decrepit keep to fix up and land. Going to be interesting to watch them try to run a keep with employees and such.

  15. I have an Elegoo Saturn. I use Lychee Slicer. It has community suggested resin settings with user ratings. Ever since I started using those my print success went from like 60% to 90%.

  16. Flex seal is your friend. My buddy bought an old rental canoe . It leaked from everywhere on the bottom. A healthy coat of flex seal and it's good as new a few years later. My bil did the same with an old 14ft fishing boat.

  17. 750,000 a year? Thats not even 1% of global deaths. That's a fraction of the deaths from most other causes. Imagine if the WHO cared as much about the 3 million annual deaths from dangerous alcohol use.

  18. 480k/ yr from tobacco use.....every year since forever

  19. That is pretty cool but far from a full grown cow. No tiger is dragging a 1000-2000lb cow(depending on breed) anywhere..

  20. Guy I have do it charges me $125 to antifreeze/fog the engine and I change the fluids myself for about $200. I run exclusively rec fuel so I pour a bottle of stabil in it and run it for awhile. Pull the battery and put it on a tender myself. 18ft open bow inboard. No idea what people pay for for summer prep. I fire it up and put it in the lake.

  21. Possibly uninformed question here but, what is rec fuel?

  22. Prolly cheaper on maintenance than a 6.7l F250. Have fun!

  23. My buddy has run diesels since the 90's. He just bought a new F350 last year with a 6.2 gas. He said he'll never buy another diesel again. He does most of his own maintenance and repairs. He had 2 diesel trucks in a row that he needed the cab pulled for repairs before 125k miles. The last one needed it's second set of up pipes replaced when he traded it in.

  24. So 95% of the cases being linked to gay sex is just smoke and mirrors? It's not stigma it's science. It's not fucking blaming gay men. It's a warning that maybe they should cool it on anonymous gay orgies until this shit gets figured out a little better.

  25. Suddenly everybody knows about treatment to burn victims. Every average joe in here reddit. How convenient.

  26. In case you weren't aware almost every city in the USA has a fire department. That's a whole lot of people exposed to or actively trained to deal with burn victims.

  27. Please help I’m gagging at it I am having a really hard time cleaning it any advice?

  28. Not much you can do besides having a plumber run a sink machine down it. If it's old iron pipes it's going to be there until it's switched to plastic

  29. Russian military vehicles broke a record for how fast they went from rolling stock to laughing stock.

  30. They've always been terrible. They just get some kind of mythical status. The highly vaunted T-34 in the manual didn't have service guidelines past 35 hours of combat ise. So they basically figured they would be broken or dead after 35 hours of use

  31. Not sure what the price of the hotel has to do with it, but ok.

  32. We were gifted a stay in a $500/night hotel. We laughed our asses off because the bathroom door wouldn't latch and immediately swung wide open if you tried to close it.

  33. I heard an interview with MGK and he sounded like he was half retarded. Bragging about having his house full of criminals while his daughter was there. I was interested in hearing him speak and found out he's a dumb shit that can sing

  34. Still pains me that he didn’t rush and go for the finish lol. If he just stepped in with one clean shot I think he could have put him away.

  35. Diaz is barely a journeyman fighter. Without the McGregor win he's invisible

  36. Sometimes pizza people take things a bit too literally. I ordered a cheese pizza once and they didn't put sauce on it because I casually said "Just cheese"when they asked what toppings I wanted

  37. I can't state this enough - I keep seeing this same issue with everyone getting a new Saturn 2 - I had the same issue!

  38. This seems like a fuck up on Elegoos part of epic proportions. I have a Saturn 1 which sounds like shit while it runs but it prints. 6 months old and it's got 2 fans going bad. It sounds like a Chinook while it's running. I've got PC's that haven't been turned off in 5+ years other than to clean and the fans are fine. Now they can't get their own fucking leveling paper right? I will never buy another Elegoo product again. Their quality is sketchy as fuck and they seem to have massive issues figuring things out. Now you've got to get your tools out to make the product work AND use something different than they gave you to calibrate it. Shame on them

  39. I don't know if they're available anymore but I bought "less than insurance quality" headlights from Rock Auto for $17/per 3 years ago. They are perfectly fine still

  40. What a strange answer. I literally use SAE sockets everywhere. I'm not a 30 year tech but ive got 30 years of shadetree mechanic experience working on everything from boats to race cars to equipment and a huge chunk of change in tools. The guy is buying the set for homegamer use not pro use. There are tons of shit that takes SAE. Also the new Chinese Craftsman's aren't any better than any other big box store tools. If they want to buy Craftsman go to pawnshops and buy old USA made Craftsman. Again with ratchets I have a drawer full of Snap on ratchets I got from eBay that will outlive any Craftsman ratchet even the old ones. I gave up on Craftsman after about the 5th one I blew up.

  41. I see it as giving power to Squad Leads to use as incentive to work together. If your SL is unhappy with your teamwork, they kick you and you get punished.

  42. Like the guy that kicked me for not answering him in 1/2 a second while I was chewing.

  43. This is Mike Horn and his crew, 30 years+ of experience.

  44. I don't give a flying fuck how much experience he's got this is stupid. You roll the dice enough times and they are going to come up snake eyes

  45. Yeah propably, but I also think that a man who has spent 40 years traveling the most dangerous place in the world alone isn't someone we can understand, and like extreme sport athlete like skiper or solo free climber and aplinist, they just need to be in danger to feel alive, and most of the times they die doing dangerous things because they can't be at home and have a normal life. It's selfish for the family and friends that support those people but at the same time, I respect people for living the life like they want.

  46. Those guys turn into the wingsuiters that finally hit a tension line or hit that rock face

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