1. I just want the sauce! Keep everything else

  2. You could try Boston Commons (formerly called Battered and Fried)

  3. The one in Brentwood opens any day, signes are up

  4. Signs have been up for like months it seems. They at least have tables outside now. I’ve been patiently waiting as I work within walking distance lol

  5. I fucking love Til 5 pizza. Cheeseburger pizza (NY style) and the chicken parm sub is sooooo good.

  6. The shoe store parking lot next to the genesco building is right next to a runway.

  7. Wtf are all those “25” “55” “75” numbers about

  8. Belmont university perhaps? If I can find my practice mute I will give it to you. DM me if you’re interested.

  9. It's from the B.F. Skinner experiment in psychology when he taught pigeons how to play ping pong lol as for the hate I think sometimes people take stuff too seriously. On the other hand I may just be looking past the flaws and that's ok with me. Always have a blast with the flock!

  10. Yep. Pigeons literally played ping pong. Greg and Jeremy took the same psychology class and Jeremy was like “that’s our name now.”

  11. If you can’t get pit tickets, stay on the lawn.

  12. I would look around, a lot of people (myself included) have made posts about our own experiences.

  13. What is Feb? I’ve been on allo for 4 months and still having bad toe attacks. I have a doctor appointment coming up soon and she is always keen to listen to my own research.

  14. This could be the literal worst post of all time.

  15. Unless there is an event at Ascend, yes. The free lot is next to and under the walking bridge

  16. Yoooo why’d that thread get bombed? I was cracking up

  17. Iloved it. Honestly the only thing I am hating is the legions of fans online who are brainlessly (not you) eating up everything that narcisist tyson says. The finale was tough and two people obviously did their best but fans are naively joining the discreditation brigade because for some reason people keep falling for narcissistic people and they keep believing their bs. And obviously because their fav didn't win and from what I gather because a police officer did (I'm not american so I don't naturally hate the police).

  18. Tyson is the fucking man and you can’t change my mind. His weekly podcasts are so hilarious.

  19. Awesome I dig it. I used to make my own custom hats for work too.

  20. Probably, but at the Opry? Broadway, yes. Titans game, yes. Preds, probably. Maybe even at a Sounds or NSC game....

  21. So, a three letter code for a three letter code?

  22. Take her to Chattanooga! It’s a nice clean, fun city and relatively cheap

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