1. Not a joke. An employee’s hours can be cut if their capture numbers aren't at a certain percentage, though I've also heard that is against policy.

  2. What does the customers phone number have to do with the number of hours a cashier is given. They are obviously still making sales because there is a record of the transaction occurring. I just don’t see the correlation of obtained customer phone numbers and the number of hours an employee is scheduled to work. How is the cut in work hours justified by this? I could understand if the cashier had actual low sales that could show justification that the number of cashiers on could be reduced due to low sales volume. But the phone numbers isn’t an actual measure of completed sales. It sounds kinda illegal and I am sure it is in certain states.

  3. I suggest investing in the best mattress you can afford and make sure it’s a pillow top. Considering we are now living in the age of the “war on opiates” those of us who just 10 yrs ago would have been sure to be kept as pain free as possible, while the new generation of lupus patients are just expected to suck it up or are left to become disabled due to uncontrolled pain. Without my super soft mattress getting comfortable would be next to impossible. I just recently had to stop my methotrexate due to elevating liver enzymes and within 4 weeks my hands have blown up and every joint in my body hurts like hell. And what do I get for pain…gabapentin and boat loads of ibuprofen, which I told by my nephrologist I shouldn’t be taking because it will cause further damage to my kidneys and as well by my GI doctor because I have a history of massive GI bleed. So I guess they rather cause further organ damage to avoid any risk of opiate addiction…for fucks sake. At least the opiates don’t cause further organ damage that is compounded by having lupus. Stopping the prescribing of opiates hasn’t done anything they said it would, if anything it has accelerated the rate of opiate deaths as it forces people to turn to street drugs when they can no longer tolerate the pain anymore. Which takes it out from the guidance of a doctor. The rapid spike in opiate deaths literally can be tracked to the month after they reformulated OxyContin and made it more difficult for legitimate pain patients to get medication. But they keep doubling down because the government doesn’t want to admit they made a huge mistake and got it all wrong.

  4. Mine vibrates fine but the app kinda sucks... I'm not sure I understand the point of connecting your device, beyond just the app knowing which device you are using. Mine comes disconnected almost immediately after I connect it, every single time. I eventually realized that (seemingly) the point of the app is moreso to tell you which color light to use for each product. So there is a circle next to each product with a specific color and you press the button until you get to that color, then use it. I just used it for the first time today and it seemed okay, once I got the hang of it. I would not have bought it at full price, but willing to give it a shot at the Ipsy price. We shall see!

  5. When you add the skincare product to your favorites you can click the circle with the arrow on the right of the product name and it will automatically set the device color and vibration settings for that specific product.

  6. I think I was able to at least add the “diagnosed SLE”. The reason I wanted to add it is because it makes it so I don’t have to type it out in all my posts or responses that I have SLE and not trying to see if my symptoms are signs or a way to get a diagnosis. I am still not sure how some people have “Diagnosed/Registered Nurse” but for now this is good enough.

  7. I received 8 of the same items you have. Did your Reduit device come in a box? Mine didn’t and was missing all the accessories…instructions, travel pouch, and charging cable.

  8. It came in a black and clear plastic shell, when I opened that it has a piece of cardboard with a circle and behind that was the cord and bag.

  9. Oh ok thanks for the info…I hadn’t opened the actual unit case. I didn’t realize it was a case, It didn’t have any instructions.

  10. I have SLE and Raynauds and I also concur that mine does sometimes look like this, perhaps in cool but not cold response. Or it can also look like this when I am in a warm environment but too much longer I start to also get swelling/lymphedema.

  11. The PMG metallic cross lip is so pretty too bad it’s only 5 ml!! The Milk perfume, well my first impression is that it is a bit masculine. For me it smells like real leather and vanilla latte

  12. I also almost picked that item but the scent profile had me confused if it was meant to be a male or female product. I suppose now a days they let the user decide for themselves? Perhaps it can be layered with another fragrance to get a more personalized blend? Since it sounded very base note heavy if you had another that was top note heavy fragrance maybe it could work. But I always love how fragrances change over the time you wear them as the different notes fade and change over the wear time.

  13. I seen someone mention this on Ipsy website reviews. Maybe jasmine or a heavy floral could work? I wonder where to start

  14. Yea, maybe something that you think it is either too floral or citrus, or maybe even green

  15. I was also wondering why the ripped up paper, I usually have orange foaming which was missing totally!?! Luckily nothing was broken.

  16. What exactly did Ipsy try to do and why are they not fixing the issue? I have had received wrong products as well as have had missing products from shipments. I always have contacted customer support through the chat option on the ipsy app. They have either always sent the correct replacement or refunded me if the item was out of stock. One time they even sent me a wrong item that was the replacement for a missing item from the original shipment. They apologized and then said the item was out of stock. They still gave me a refund for what I paid for the item and gave me extra points as well as let me keep the incorrect item that was sent.

  17. My GBP for April was missing the Drunk Elephant Blush Drops and the Il Makiage mascara. Rather than refund they said they would ship the two items. No mention of substitution. When I got the package all I received was a no-name face serum. I told them this was unacceptable and they refuse to refund.

  18. Oh no that would be absolutely unacceptable. I have always indicated with them no substitutions, it is either the exact item or refund. They also did this with me one time, sent something lack luster for a higher end luxury product…nope. I emailed them back and said the correct item was still not received and to ship the correct one. They then said it was out of stock. They gave me points and issued me a refund for the percentage the item was of the total monthly membership cost. Because it was an item that was part of the membership shipment and not an add on. It was still annoying because it was an item I really wanted. But what they are trying to do with you would be not acceptable at all

  19. Ahhh that sucks. Mine has arrived as well I am going to be opening it soon. Hopefully mine isn’t the same 😞

  20. Everything was in my shipment including add-ons and boost item. The only thing wrong was that the Reduit tool wasn’t in a uni-carton and the manual, travel pouch, and charging cable where also not in the shipment box.

  21. One odd thing the Reduit device came in no uni-carton with no instructions or anything to how to charge it?

  22. ALAMAR COSMETICS Alamar Essentials Eye Trio

  23. It's actually one of the few products on the market that has retinyl retinoate as an ingredient. To my knowledge only Verso and Medik8 use it. It has some promising(although small) studies . Remember to use a sunscreen with it. It has some sunscreen ingredient but honestly I don't think it will be a substitute for effective sun protection.

  24. It is a very good product, only what is needed and beneficial skincare and no extra bs. I had never heard of the brand since it’s not carried by another US retailer like Sephora

  25. It's a legit brand no worries. Use sunscreen with it.

  26. I have lupus, so no worries there. I use sunscreen of the highest SPF I can get my hands on anytime I have to be outdoors and because of that in all honesty, I mostly avoid being outside any longer than necessary.

  27. My April box came quickly as well. Let’s hope everything is in the shipment and arrives undamaged 🤞🏻

  28. In my experience anytime a membership shipment is sent out late there is always some kind of issue. I have never had one totally lost though, but when it arrived there would be missing, broken, or substituted items. With that said, however annoying that is Ipsy did always make it right to the best of their ability. Granted it took a few email back and forth to do so. It seems if you say nothing they will try to make the lack luster substitutions fly under your radar. With Ipsy the squeaky wheel gets the oil…or in this case at least the same category of product of at least of equal luxury brand level.

  29. Eeek! Love it! Which pallette is that from ABH? They picked one for me too but it has a few blushes on the end and I haven't seen anyone have this one yet !

  30. I also had the same palette as a curator selection. Modern Renaissance is a great palette to have in your collection, I am glad they still produce it.

  31. Solid box!! I was really hoping for the reduit to be chosen or a choice but unfortunately did not happen. Still added it for $25 tho. A few ladies have claimed it's a solid tool to have. I'm an esthetician so it very much intrigues me. I hope it'll be something to use in place of Botox 🤞🏻 My box was valued at $950 but with 10 add ons. You killed it, how exciting!!

  32. I had the Reduit as a choice and it peaked my interest. A skin tool that connects to your phone, I am excited to give it a go. I have been a long time Clarisonic user and have all the skin care attachments for that and have had good results. This claims to have some really good skin care benefits.

  33. Yea, this is the whole reason I didn’t pick one of these kits as an add-on. How could every kit have the same lipstick? Would that mean essentially all three kits were the same, which didn’t make sense to me. So I just passed that by to avoid frustration when I received a different shade than what they advertised.

  34. I also selected the Elemis as an add-on as well, I am excited to give it a try.

  35. Thanks, I am pretty excited about it. I am actually surprised about the Modern Renaissance palette and I like it better than the other one they had sneak peaked. It is one their products that has cult classic status at this point, which is likely why they continue to produce it. I have hit pan on one of these myself so it will be well welcomed. I have heard good things about the Grown Alchemist so I picked that but is was torn between that and the Le Prunier but then decided I was in more need of a physical exfoliator than a moisturizer. And of course I am stoked about the Beauty boost, I love Fresh soy cleanser so I was all about getting a super pump sized version of it.

  36. ALAMAR COSMETICS Alamar Essentials Eye Trio

  37. Right?! I thought it was weird that it showed the options but just that they were greyed out. I tried clicking on them at the time but I guess I just didn't click on the actual one preselected🤪. I found a sample of fresh cleanser in my supplies last night and then tried to convince myself I didn't actually like it after all. LOL

  38. The main selection is worth it too so try not to be too hard on yourself. At least you know for next time.

  39. I'm so jealous! I got the ole as my beauty boost because it was my first time and I didn't know I could actually unchoose it and choose the fresh instead!!!😭😭😭

  40. The first month I did the beauty boost they sent my a survey afterwards asking if I could tell that I could make a different selection. It seemed self explanatory to me but I am using the Ipsy app on my phone. I am not sure how it looks when it is done on a computer. The first month I did was the Drunk Elephant, which is my ride or die skincare line so I had no intention on switching. But every month since I have opted for one of the other choices.

  41. I chose the jumbo sized Fresh cleanser as well. I am super excited about that. I have been using this cleanser at least 3 times a week for about 6 years now. It works so well with my Clarisonic. Jumbo size (400ml!!) for $15, hellz yea!!

  42. Most certainly email them about the bronzer that is absolutely not the correct color choice. My curator picked items were totally different than the ones you got. I posted my icon box and included pictures of the items they gave me to pick from for my other 3 selections, if you want to see what they were.

  43. It is likely a mistake. Email them again and tell them you didn’t receive the correct items. They will send them again if they have them in stock. They don’t do substitutions when you pay for an exact item. If they are out of stock they will do a refund for the remaining 2 items.

  44. 😂 I hope you laughed rereading this bc it made me laugh and lifted my spirits. I have SLE and it’s progressed and kicking my ass in new ways lately. I’ve more or less heard all of these suggestions and all I could think was how I must have looked like those cartoons that get an eye twitch. I hope you’re well and/or feel better soon!

  45. I agree…I find the humor in these and have heard several others on my own from other people. My lupus is rapidly progressing as well. I am also a RN that worked in hemodialysis and apheresis for many years. I knew what was happening as some of the more “advanced” lupus issues started coming.

  46. I have it on some of my windows and other widows in the house were made with uv filtering glass. Uncertain if it makes a difference or not, I mostly have blackout shades or curtains on as well. I don’t mess around with the sun unfortunately I can’t do the cold either due to mod/severe raynauds as well. As to if it changes the light that comes in, it all depends on what type of film you buy…some are clear, reflective…

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