1. What type of content are you posting about? The indie space is a lot nicer than AAA. I haven't made videos for a while, but rarely got negative comments. My audience was mostly female though, based on Tiktok analytics.

  2. Zote from Hollow Knight. Is he a jerk to the knight? Sure, but he is trying to be the warrior his father wanted him to be, and failing. He just wants to be accepted but goes about it the wrong way.

  3. I was keen to play it today. Game Pass and Steam both say 9th August for me, but it's 9pm on 9th of August and it isn't here!

  4. It gets about 250,000 - 260,000 jobs created by the mining industry and about 80,000 created by the Oil and Gas industry.

  5. The quote above states 'employing relatively small numbers of workers. Granted, I'm not sure what their basis on small numbers is.

  6. Usually it's just a tag on the bin to say something was wrong.

  7. Check out IKEA, they have a few different size if plant stands

  8. I’ve had him for about a year now—it was growing upright and thriving until maybe two months ago. The leaves don’t feel soft as if they might be dehydrated. I’ve tried drying out the soil completely before watering again, I’ve tried a little water every couple days, more sun, less sun, and no improvement. It looks like it’s literally trying to grow out of the pot.

  9. The leaves don't form the splits they grow with them if they're going to have them.

  10. I asked them about this in the past. They said that as there is no sorting in Canberra this is the fastest/most efficient way they have. Sent from Canberra, sorted in Sydney, sent back to Canberra.

  11. It makes me think of when there was strike action in Customs and how they'd train people up for 'surge duties' to cover all the people going on strike. If they could spend all that time and money training people and deploying them during strike action, couldn't they just pay people and/or improve conditions before it got to that point?

  12. They took the admistration staff - most of whom have worked in the airports and transferred them around the country as needed to cover the airports. (Assuming they weren't on strike). Staff without experience weren't used.

  13. They still required training. There was also a huge effort within IT to get accounts and access set up.

  14. I mentioned a combat-free game in a stream recently, and the streamer made a joke about it being a fetish. I mentioned that if anything the need for combat in a game is the fetish, and it wasn't taken too kindly :D

  15. I have never used it but uni clinic free councillors have suggested someone.health, you pay for the appointment with their online gp to get a mental health care plan and then your next 20? Appointments are bulk billed. Also has a short wait time compared to in person services

  16. You lost me at shortbread cream and the lack of monte carlo.

  17. Did you have an audience before making designs? How are you promoting yourself?

  18. You could also try and see if there is a Buy Nothing group in your area. Not technically donating I guess, but you give it away for free to someone that is interested.

  19. I didn't even know that was sold here. I've never really looked into it as a non coffee drinker, it's basically sugar and fat?

  20. They do this to me every month and I am on dsp...

  21. why wouldn't you change to an account/bank that has no fees? Commonwealth have an account for healthcare/concession card holders with no monthly fees:

  22. Did you overdraw the account? I've never heard of a bank charging fees for an ordinary transactions or savings account.

  23. It's been a thing for a long time. Way back monthly fees were just a thing, then banks transitioned to a model where you have to deposit a certain amount to waive the fees.

  24. I find it useful to try something new for a week. Block out some time each day to allocate to this new thing and then see how you like it over the course of the week. Then, repeat the next week with something else.

  25. Simple. Dont buy the gold level insurance and just go through the public system.

  26. This was going to be my suggestion! All three seasons and the movie are on there.

  27. Likely to be a nondescript rubber stamp of a building. Yes, to some, the old offices were unattractive, however they were of an interesting design synonymous with Belconnen’s original character. Check out satellite views of the “lozenge shaped” pods, not to mention the network of ramps, pedestrian overpasses and colour coding denoting the different wings. What’s left now? Churches Centre, Belconnen Mall and a third of the Cameron Offices.

  28. They might be worthwhile keeping if they improved the fit out, but working in those buildings was depressing. Grey everything, freezing in winter and, on the floor I worked on for the most part, there was a tiny kitchenette (1mx2m) for the entire floor. The toilets also looked like dingy public toilets.

  29. Recent things I've enjoyed are: Parkasaurus, Before We Leave, As Far as the Eye

  30. Yeah :( And when you get older people don't play games at all. I tend to stick with the indies, and people don't even know what they are.

  31. So the way the Greek cafe on George Street Haymarket used to do it was -

  32. That's how my local takeaway did it too. I always asked for no onion, so if I happened to receive onion it was impossible to get it out.

  33. Dickson is not all the way out of the city. It's almost part of the city. It's strange you would say Dickson (or surrounds) is out of the way, but work in Greenway. I'd think you'd know the difference.

  34. It's a hobby that you don't intend to make a profit from, so you don't need to pay tax:

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