1. Not sure how long you’ve been gone, but 270 is a race track, red lights and stop signs are now optional, U-turns are fine wherever the hell you feel like especially if there is conflicting traffic, and CPD no longer chases anyone. Also, license plates seem to be an optional car accessory these days as well…

  2. As a licensed structural engineer... that one photo is all that is needed.

  3. I found them literally the day before they closed... so sad I didn't have it sooner.

  4. Its 32 degrees, didn't you know salt doesn't work at this temp? There's literally no other way to handle snow storms. The other states use magic, we don't have any wizards on staff.

  5. He ShOulDnT haVe ReAcHEd!!!??11!

  6. I dont have enough time or energy so I'll just say exist.

  7. An extra dollar for not being able to restart series, constant freezing, not saving progress from one devise to another, and just yesterday closed captioning that turns itself on every episode? Fantastic.

  8. I have no idea what you're talking about. I can restart easily, I have never frozen once, my progress is tracked correctly across any device ...

  9. I have no idea what you're taking about, all those things happen to me constantly...

  10. Gold star for you for divulging this secret. I’m setting an event in my calendar for next Wednesday.

  11. That is not the only good thing on the menu... The chorizo el favorito is quite amazing, my personal go to. Their taquitos are very good as well. Quesadilla and queso are average though.

  12. “You see, I take these glasses off, she looks like a regular person, doesn't she? Put 'em back on... formaldehyde-face!”

  13. All utilities rip us off. My gas bill (Columbia) in the summer is $32ish bucks and when I look at the bill I actually only use like 50 cents worth of gas, the rest is delivery fees.

  14. Can all coaches and players do this?

  15. Got mine same day... paid a 25% markup though... is that what they mean by "shortage"?

  16. Imagine this... there are different genres of video games for different tastes...

  17. Is there a way to check if my vote was counted?

  18. https://vote.franklincountyohio.gov/

  19. Elden Ring needed more story narrative. Half the time I just stumbled into shit and had no idea what was going on. Half the NPCs died and I have no idea why.

  20. I fell for it. Guy showed up to my house and tested my water. I even told him upfront I just wanted the free $20. He said sure and still wasted an hour of my time and when I said I till wasn't interested in the system he was selling he became a huge dickhead. Not my fault you followed through with your dumbass sales tactic. He gave me my coupon and then then stormed out of my house.

  21. Depends on his estimate language, but if they don't have the right language and you signed one estimate and didn't receive/ approve additional services then they just did free work.

  22. Hiro Ramen took over the old Burger King in carriage place... unless I'm misunderstanding where you mean.

  23. People think that because they play Madden they are experts in playcalling. The irony is if you try to run the ball every single play in that game you will get demolished.

  24. Chubb had 2 drives where he ran the ball 3 straight times... 1st drive was 5 yards, 6 yards, 4 yards. The second drive was 11 yards, 12 yards, and another 10+ but I forget how much.

  25. Some can argue Hunt is a better runner in short yardage situations and a better pass catcher.

  26. I do believe that is really what the debate is over and it keeps getting painted as people saying Chubb isn't getting enough carries.

  27. 3 down and 2 yards... he averages 5ypc and we launch the ball. Those are the situations people are talking about not utilizing him.

  28. Sorry to break it to you but the joists need replaced and the lines run so they don't cut the joists to pieces.

  29. Shouldn't Tua be monitored for more than an hour?

  30. "Part of the game" fuck these 4.

  31. "Uh, today's tie is sponsored by..."

  32. Didn't see the OP title and said the exact same thing to myself.

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