1. My understanding going through the process is that their guidelines are to not be flexible. We used Caleb legrand. Good luck!

  2. Does he accept applicants with a low score? Mine just took a dip due to my CareCredit card.

  3. Sorry I meant they were NOT flexible on some issues. Great people to work with but they said that they couldn’t really deviate from some aspects and we had to jump through some hoops. Call them and see.

  4. It’s a cut and paste roster update for current gen and pc

  5. Meaning it doesn’t have the updates some have mentioned?

  6. I’ve never understood (and never tried so would be happy to correct myself once I have) the yam dish Americans have at thanksgiving. Sweet potato and marshmallows? You fucking what when?!

  7. Bro, sweet potato soufflé?? The sugar/pecan top is better than the marshmallow imo. Try it.

  8. Congrats, Was it For appearance or did they eat one too?

  9. At best, Baker is like a distant step-father. Is he sticking around? Maybe. Is he drunk? Maybe. Is he bringing home Bojangles for dinner or an attitude? Is he gonna forget Christmas or bring you a puppy?

  10. Lol Sounds like the gamecocks Stephen Garcia years

  11. I would steer clear of any p38 with obvious flaws and gremlins. I know it may be tempting to get a good deal on one with “minor” flaws, but you’ll likely be chasing some of them until you sell it.

  12. No problem man, speaking from experience of 5 different land rovers including a p38. They are so beautiful, it sucks they had some issues

  13. That’s nice and all but I don’t think they are worth that

  14. There is some crackdown on that with cashapp and such being looked into now. While everyone should pay what they owe, I personally am more forgiving on someone struggling to make ends meet verse the richest people in the country getting away with tax dodging.

  15. You keep using the word “owe”. Just remember the ones wasting your money decide what you ”owe”. I don’t mind paying a fair share but I think they need far less than they take. Maybe you’re right and this will be used to focus on wealthy folks but seems like it’s the middle class that always gets screwed.

  16. It is estimated that the top earners in the country dodge 163B in taxes a year. For reference, that is just over $1100 per us tax payer per year. If everyone actually paid what was owed, we could look at adjusting the tax rates so that the middle and poor classes actually get a break.

  17. They should also spend less money to reflect what they collect. Why increase on the middle class at all at this point? Just go collect from the people who aren’t paying. Also, Not only do they waste our tax dollars, it fuels their corruption.

  18. Use plenty of heat, scraping, and water before you start in with the paper towels. Sometimes I don’t even use a paper towel to clean after a cook, just one to re oil. Then the next cook I’ll preheat-water-scrape- then wipe down any left over residue.

  19. I’ve been trying to find a way to bring my cassette deck out of the recording studio and into the hifi setup, but the only spot I could really put it is on top of my Marantz. It’s pretty light, and it doesn’t cover any of the ventilation on the receiver. Could I consider this safe? Can’t help but feel a little panicked after how clear it seems that nothing should be placed on top of an amplifier. Any help greatly appreciated

  20. I think it’s fine if the vents aren’t covered. They make little riser blocks for the feet if you want more air gap between units.

  21. Didn’t he blow something up? And shoot a guy?

  22. I think it’s great. I can’t choose just one song.

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