1. Plus the audacity to say “But I’m not hurting anyone!” afterwards, fuck these types of people they deserve nothing nice.

  2. This brings up a good point though. Chess would be cool if you could rearrange your pieces however you wanted at the start

  3. I kind of want us to help eliminate the Mariners just to piss this sub off even more.

  4. The O’s are 25-31 on the road. Far and away a better record than they had years past. Home field has definitely helped them in some capacity, but make no mistake, the biggest change is that now they’re just a pretty good baseball team.

  5. As much as it hurts to admit, I was completely swindled into getting an apartment at the View for an absurd 1100/month. Never knew about how cheap it could be to live off campus and commute by metro. Never even thought about it.

  6. Thanks. So just to make sure I understand correctly, once I sub out a player he can’t come back in the game correct?

  7. Yep. Used to never believe in the whole “It takes a special athlete to play in Philly” vibe, but after Ben Simmons I 100% believe it. We take our sports very seriously here. Dawkins, Utley and Embiid thrived on it. Some crumble. Not saying Brown will, but it’s something to be concerned about

  8. Hearing Minshew is throwing with some heat and accurate. Not that it matters 🤷‍♂️

  9. I think Minshew will get playing time this year, 100%. Either for the Eagles, or another team that we could snag some draft picks from.

  10. It felt like that guy absolutely wrecked us when he was on Washington. Then we get him on our squad and he vanishes…a Philly tale as old as time.

  11. A necessary evil when your characters have big heads and small frames, I don’t even draw that much but I know the pain…

  12. I’m not fond of people who casually watch / joke about war footage either. But war mongering Westerner? Really..? You might not like the things average Russians have been saying on social media about the war (you don’t have to look far)

  13. Enjoy whatever comes next man. I’m just starting to realize as a senior there is no “next school year” coming up for me, which feels amazing but a bit frightening too. Hoping I get to do more fun things and relaxing walks myself, now that the weedout clases are finally gone..

  14. And to think…six years ago this team had Chip Kelly. We’ve been blessed with some wonderful coaches recently.

  15. As an actually serious response, just keep in mind you might not find your best friends in your major. I’m also CS, two of my best friends here are in Engineering and Law who I met from other classes/places. Keep doors open, you never know!

  16. People forget that the very next year, Wentz was again sidelined late in the season…for ANOTHER magical Foles playoff run, where we won 3 in a row to sneak in, Double Doinked the Bears in Chicago, and almost beat the best team in the league on the road.

  17. „I have come for your Females, could you point me in the right direction”

  18. I love this. If anyone else says it, the shek warrior probably pulls out the axe right then and there, but with Beep she’s just like “…nah”

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