1. Charizard is much better with blast burn so personally I would wait for event where you can evolve it to know blast burn. Otherwise you need elite tm for blast burn (if it's already Charizard).

  2. Linux Mint and Zorin OS are both based on Ubuntu LTS versions. They get updates at same pace as Ubuntu LTS. Pop OS is based on Ubuntu as well but it gets minor releases as well like Ubuntu (like 21.04, 21.10). Pop OS should also have more up to date kernel than Ubuntu, possible some other components (drivers) as well.

  3. The downside with Zorin is that - at least for now - it doesn't ahve a way to upgrade to the next version, you'll have to reinstall.

  4. Good to know. Do you know if default partitioning has separate/home for easier migration?

  5. From what I read the addon tlp that reduces power consumption on notebooks is not installed by default you can install it with the command sudo zypper install tlp

  6. Tlp is installed by default but it's not enabled. And op is already using tlp.

  7. Did you get much lower consumption in Arch? I get around 7W on upower + power profiles daemon with i7-8750H + 1050ti (prime-select intel).

  8. Do you mean Ubuntu 22.04? 22.10 will be released in October 2022.

  9. The second attempt at installation still isn't recognizing it. I'll abort and try to get into bios to play around with it

  10. Is your drive in achi-mode? I would also try booting your USB in non-uefi mode to see if that makes any difference (if Ubuntu detects your Windows that way). Weird if your Windows install is in bios mode but worth checking.

  11. I couldn't find anything describing the nature of the drive as achi-mode or raid.

  12. There should be some sort of setting for achi. For my fairly new laptop it's under system configuration -> sata operaation.

  13. Perfect honchkrow or a 13-13-13 shadow honchkrow is better? So do u think i should invest my stardust on these 2 mons?

  14. Shadow Honckrow does almost 20% more damage. So I would say shadow is better. They are both just so frail that personally I wouldn't invest in them.

  15. Connect your phone to your PC and you can use USB tethering to get internet connection.

  16. Do you have any backup solution/can you rollback to previous versions before the bad update?

  17. You can download that ide (and other IDEs) from their website and install it on your computer just like you do on Windows.

  18. Only possible way to get via repositories I know is 3rd party repositories so via PPA:s in Ubuntu and probably there is aur packages in aur as well. But in these scenarios you are trusting someone with root access on your PC afaik.

  19. What do you mean by old distro? That is has existed for long time, it has old packages or something else?

  20. I have separate 3TB HDD (ext4) for games that I mount to my system pre-install as /data or something else. Then add that to my system. This way I don't have to worry about reinstalling games if I decide to distrohop.

  21. Why ext4 for the drive asking for my own changes, I’ve always defaulted to latest and greatest(btrfs) but I’ve often wondered why ext4 over btrfs, also btrfs because windows has a driver for it just incase I have to go down that road again.

  22. Use use ext4 for this drive because I don't really need any fancy features brtfs offers. Ext4 is probably the most tested filesystem so there is that as well.

  23. Well, Ubuntu is gnome with some extension pre-instlalled. I'm pretty sure you end up breaking things badly if you try to remove any parts of gnome de because of dependencies.

  24. Not really worth the hassle if even possible. You could upgrade to 22.04 if you want though. It only has two options: Ubuntu and Ubuntu on xorg if that gnome entry bothers you so much.

  25. PackageKit being PackageKit again. Wait for couple of minutes and try again. If it doesn't work, you can reboot and try again.

  26. Nah, it's not working, I'm still on the 2 panels. I just clicked on the Ubuntu instead of the Ubuntu Wayland when I logged in and I had this thing since. I cant access any type of GUI. I literally can't do anything.

  27. This command should start Wayland session "dbus-run-session -- gnome-shell --display-server --wayland"

  28. I'm out of luck, it didn't work. But hey, I managed to fix the issue! I just re-installed the login system, and I changed it to Ubuntu Wayland. Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it! :)

  29. No problem. Glad you managed to fix it. Do you mean you reinstalled gdm?

  30. I mostly use those for community days with multiple catch dust and redeeming GBL end season rewards.

  31. What PC do you have (mainly interested on how it is). Also, what option you have for booting after you press del/f12 etc? How did you flash your USB stick?

  32. You already have it installed. Amd driver consists kernel driver (amdgpu, comes with your kernel and updated with your kernel) and mesa (userspace driver, updates with system updates).

  33. So if I split the highlighted 50 GB partition into pieces like you suggest, the installer should be good (assuming I point the mount points accordingly)?

  34. Hello from Fedora! Thanks for helping!

  35. Afaik you can just upgrade to F36. Also, support for Windows 8.1 ends next January so good idea to update that as well.

  36. Specs? Is it a laptop? You probably need to edit your grub file.

  37. Alright. My guess is still that unfortunately your GPU isn't supported even though it's gcn 1.0.

  38. Sos chaining has better odds so I would do that.

  39. Both GPUs are really outdated and don't support Vulkan (because they don't support amdgpu kernel driver). FX 6100 is a bit better if you believe userbencmark website.

  40. OpenSUSE Tumbleweed and Kubuntu work well with Nvidia+secure boot. Others (not 100% sure about Mint) have issues even runnikg secure boot on. It might be doable but requires good amount of tinkering. Fedora can work with secure boot + Nvidia but requires you to set up automatic signing for Nvidia kernel module.

  41. Would you recommend Leap over Tumbleweed for easier maintenance then?

  42. I wouldn't recommend Leap at this point at all since it's most likely going to be EOL in late 2024. And replaced by ALP. Which is different from Leap because it's most likely immutable os. Like Fedora Silverblue and openSUSE Micro OS.

  43. Is it supported by Pacman and uses SystemD?

  44. Yep. It's basically vanilla Arch with sane defaults and easy installer (Calamares). It has it's own small repo for some packages but other than that it uses Arch repos.

  45. I would recommend trying out Void. No systemd so it should be more lightweight than most distros. Package manager is very fast. It's rolling release with emphasis on stability.

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