1. This is hilariously fun to watch!! I love how other cast members was amazed on how KAI did all the missions without them having clues or anything. Jiwon didn't even remember he was backhugged and Heechul was suspicious especially on the shoelace. Kai did a great job on the secret missions!!

  2. I agree that KAI - The First Mini Album can be an introductory kpop album because of the versatility it has, the music video for Mmmh and FILM : KAI, the best music film so far. You should check out all KAI songs too esp Amnesia and Ride or Die, the locals love those kind of songs.

  3. I love the dance practice version, you can see how perfect the choreography is and their great synchronization

  4. I love the hair!! Young Master KAI is so cool.

  5. Amazing! KAI is the first exo member to enter Billboard and even got the No. 1 spot. Listen to Peaches by KAI.

  6. I knew he likes KAI when he said 'I can't hurt KAI' and would make you 🥺🥺 Let's hope for Season 2 of New World or another show with KAI and Jiwon.

  7. I already love how it sounds! But I am very curious for the whole mv and song. Please come soon Nov 30

  8. I love this episode. I can't stop laughing at the meteorite scenes. I still can't believe how lucky EXO KAI got when he just saw the meteorite and love their trio, with Lee Seunggi and Jiwon. I really want to see the next eps asap!!!

  9. I love his vlog on his own channel than the previous ones, this is just purely very jongin and all jongin things in one video. I love his goofy side there too.

  10. How can someone look so good in just plain white shirt and yeah a bit of cake mess but all the teasers screams a BIG BOYFRIEND ENERGY

  11. 10 years in the industry but he just had this fully booked sched recently, this man deserves all the love and I love how he is so hardworking for everything he does on fashion, music, and his other activities

  12. It's none other than the Gucci Global Ambassador, EXO KAI

  13. OMG Finally a KAI Solo Concert we've been waiting for ages

  14. THE BOYFRIEND VIBES?! I can't wait for KAI's comeback. Everything already screams perfection, the music for sure will also do, can't wait for the album release. Peaches please come sooner

  15. This just reminded me how we badly wanted a FENTYxKAI collab and they sent a dm to EXO KAI on Instagram.

  16. Seeing all of the teaser images makes you feel like you're in an art gallery checking all these art pieces, KAI is indeed an art. I love the aesthetic vibes of this album!

  17. genre like YA YA YA, Reason, and Jekyll, KAI knows what he is doing!! releasing songs that are up to everyone's taste, a genius

  18. it gives such movie chills and aesthetic vibes

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