1. How are you cycling through mute groups without holding down the mixer button on the top?

  2. good question. triple press the top button. also works for project button. have fun!

  3. The OP-1 (Field) and OP-Z are two very different piece of music technology and require different workflows to create unique and beautiful music. I am excited for the opportunity to share one of several ways these two magical pieces of music technology can work together.

  4. How are you using your OP-1 (Field) and OP-Z together? Let me know in the comments below! Enjoy the video!

  5. This has nothing to do with the OP-1. Its just basic music theory.

  6. lmao ummm it has something to do with the OP-1. Can you tell me what that is?

  7. That song with magic wand in the title

  8. The sonic capabilities of the iridium are absolutely breathtaking… and being able to pair it with the portable and powerful goodness of the op-1 field has been so fun to explore! I wonder if anyone else is using this exact pairing!

  9. It’s because OP is the guy who’s posting the same damn question on every sub, look at his account.

  10. Lmao i usually dont care enough to check but just did and it was pretty comical lol. List went on for much longer than I anticipated 😂

  11. haha don't think its out yet. he's probably still perfecting it

  12. Is Paul Rudd in this one? I don’t follow marvel really at all but know he was in an older ant man

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