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  1. I didn't leave nursing, but i changed job roles and hospital systems and went from $30 to over $50 an hour.

  2. I am making $54.60/hr as an RN right now and it’s not worth it. It’s broken me as a human being. Covid icu gave me such bad ptsd. I desperately want to leave the field all together but I stay for the insurance. I have great (though expensive) insurance.

  3. raising hand When it was time to choose a major in college, my thought process was “I have to eat and I want to travel and buy nice things and my first choice of English Major probably won’t support that. Nursing it is.” Agree that it’s not a calling and very few professions really are. I was a pretty realistic 17 year old in hindsight. And let’s be honest- I’m living a damn cushy lifestyle compared to nearly everyone I know. Im 47 now and even though I really don’t want to be a nurse, I’m good at it and it’s put me in the 1% and I have so many experiences I could never have had otherwise.

  4. I wanted to do several things and the salary ultimately made the decision.

  5. ...where you make 100k a year as an RN?

  6. I’m in Minnesota and I would if I didn’t only work a 0.75. With occasional pickup shifts last year and over a month of medical leave, I still made $90k.

  7. This was my first thought too. It’s a wonderful book.

  8. I had read that people liked the teddy graham cookie but it didn’t appeal to me…until I tried it. It was my favorite this week.

  9. So much expression! This made me smile. ❤️

  10. When I worked as a cashier, WIC was on a card. While it was still a complete pain (as WIC transactions had to be started differently from other payment methods), it did mean that you could get smaller subsets of things like one can of SIMILACtm instead of getting up to 5 in one shot.

  11. Plus similac is what’s on recall so they’re going to have to buy a different brand with their own money, it’s cruel.

  12. The formula issue does not just affect infants. Children and even adults who are tube-fed are also getting caught up in the shortage because they too rely on formula for nutrition.

  13. Adults on tube feeds too, including the critically ill.

  14. This isn’t even true. My mom’s first baby was stillborn and had a catholic funeral. I’m a pro choice agnostic, but my sister is buried in a catholic cemetery after a catholic funeral in the 70’s.

  15. I would consider myself agnostic. I believe in some sort of higher power, or maybe just the beautiful vastness of the universe. The #1 value I’m trying to instill in my kids is to be kind and not be an asshole. I am completely comfortable not having answered to all of the question of the universe. Mostly I just want people to be nice and let others be their authentic selves and live what makes sense to them.

  16. I am obsessed. This is brilliant. As a science geek, I’m just enchanted.

  17. Well that’s a whole new level of nightmare.

  18. Imagine struggling with infertility for years. Fighting through the trauma of putting your life on hold while you watch all of your friends and family achieving so easily what seems impossible for you, the trauma of feeling like your body is betraying you, the depression that consumes you every single month when you only see a single line on the test.

  19. Not to mention this bill would make ivf impossible.

  20. So will these women be able to seek asylum in other countries on the grounds of religious persecution?

  21. The thing is, the people with the most money will always have different options. They can travel, even internationally, if they must. This all just further screws the most vulnerable in society.

  22. Lolz, no. They want healthy white infants only.

  23. For those of you updating your Madison Cawthorn Batshit Bingo Cards, here’s a breakdown of your squares:

  24. I’m so extra puzzled by him explaining that it was his cousin, as though that makes it less weird??

  25. The replacement cookie will probably vary from store to store.

  26. And christian nationalism. It’s terrifying.

  27. My 11 year old is really into Wings of Fire and Warrior cats.

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