1. NTA, it's fine. Honestly, idk what he's being so sensitive about, lol. Not everything has to be shared, especially as a parent, kids will literally want to eat anything they see. I have siblings, and whatever I'm having, the kids suddenly also want a taste of, even if it's just a dry salad 😹

  2. It's your choice to have a dry wedding, but at least serve different drinks and lay out some simple snacks. Serving absolutely nothing but water is very rude when you're hosting an event. YTA bc it will not only be uncomfortable for the guests but also for you and your partner. I'm very sure the awkward atmosphere won't be covered by just how much fun everyone is having sipping on water. If you're already getting married and inviting 100+ guests, then don't be that cheap :/

  3. What do you do? Block him and move on. There is nothing - NOTHING - that any form of relationship with this person could give you. You are better off without him in any aspect of your life. All the overthinking you're doing is just playing into his weird game. Don't do him that favor. You can't convince someone who is not open for a fair discussion and you DON'T NEED TO. You know the truth, your new partner knows the truth, your friends and loved ones know the truth. That is what matters. Stop caring about whatever twisted reality he is pursuing. This is not your life. Why make amends with someone who can not be talked to?

  4. hm, you mumbled a lot, and there were unnecessary sound effects, but it was pretty decent for a new artist, I'd say. you have a nice voice. make sure it's more audible and catch up with the beat. maybe promote somewhere else, tho

  5. vk.gy has a list of bands who are on Spotify and it's surprisingly long. Of course, not every vk band uses Spotify, but since it's so convenient to listen on there, it could be a good place to start.

  6. I made my own subliminals and stopped treating them as some sort of magic resolve for everything. All you really need is yourself, the subliminal is merely a tool to help you achieve your goals.

  7. Thank you! I read the novel's extra recently, it's great

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