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  1. 8” Leonard the Lion! Now he’s my dog’s squish cus I bought him as a one off a couple of years ago. The first squish I bought that kickstarted my collecting though was 16” Bruce :)

  2. Everyone be very serious in their answers, but for me it’s they don’t like or ever want to have a dog :<

  3. Omar is my bed squish, I sleep with him every night 🥰

  4. I got my 59 yo mom into them! Definitely not weird c:

  5. Hi all! My wife and I started a Team and it is called the HiHat Café! She is the leader, Kimberly, and my name is PuruPuru.

  6. Hi! I just requested to join, ign Jules c:

  7. 16” blushing Omar at Walgreens! He was the very first squish I fell in love with and set off my squish obsession 💙

  8. I say we speak a jumbo Omar into existence plz kellytoy

  9. I took an “early” lunch break because one of my local squish groups posted that one of the Walgreens stocked Omars and I was out the door so quick. I grabbed the last one there, and he is my absolute favorite!!

  10. Apparently it’s htf in Hawaii 😩 haven’t seen one and I want one (but only at retail)

  11. Tie between Goldie and M0lly, they’re both so sweet c:

  12. Meanwhile after 180 pulls I haven’t even gotten the Merc reflection T___T

  13. Eating your favorite food after not having it for a long time.

  14. deal! I’m finishing up my first trade but will be available right after. I’ll send you the code :)

  15. Hi! I have Ellie’s poster! I’ll trade you for the dark rose wreath diy:)

  16. Yay! Let’s do it. I’ll PM you a dodo code :)

  17. I literally just wanted the Mech, so I rolled til I got that and the dress for recolor. Then I was done. c:

  18. This was my intention too for the gold bunny and they were both the last to drop for me T-T byebye dias

  19. Thank you for doing this! I (and my wallet) are happy to see there aren’t too many suits that I’m DYING for ^^

  20. Ahhh these are so cute! I thought the Stitches & Maple looked familiar and turns out I actually bought from you a few days ago! Can’t wait to try mine out 🥰

  21. Okay! DM me your code! I’ll be available in a few minutes!

  22. i’ll take the wooden simple bed !

  23. Okay! DM me your code! I’ll be ready in about 5-10 mins, getting through the first couple of people!

  24. i need peach rug & birdhouse if they aren't taken!

  25. Hii, I don’t have a peach rug unfortunately :( I can get you the birdhouse though! DM me your code when you’re ready :)

  26. thank you so much again! i've been dying to get the birdhouse diy! i also got a new floor i didn't have from the gifts- so thank you! here's my rmm if you have time to leave one, left you one already!

  27. Thanks! Just left you a review 😊 Glad you were able to get something new!

  28. 5/5 Quick drop off from a giveaway I was hosting with a friendly and kind user! Would trade again :)

  29. Hi! Sounds good, I’ll be about 10-15 mins if you wanna dm me when you’re ready! :) I’ll let you know when I am returning to my island to grab the flowers!

  30. I'll take all of the purple hyacinths for 5 NMT

  31. Sounds good! I’m on the trade before you, dm me your code when you’re ready (if you are still interested) :)

  32. Happy birthday to you!! My favorite cake is guava chiffon cake ☺️

  33. awesome- sending dodo right now

  34. Thank you for the trade! If you have some time, I’d really appreciate if you could leave me a review on my

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