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  1. I swear I’ve heard them mention that the cars don’t have gas gauges like 5 times now.

  2. That booing was fucking painful to hear. People should grow up

  3. Did the race switch off nbc? I'm trying to catch the end

  4. This is how socialist healthcare works. You just copay a little bit.

  5. Daniel got such a raw deal from SHR

  6. Does anyone have info on way Felix didn’t exhaust his push to pass? Did I miss something I thought he had plenty of fuel till the end?

  7. Another Newgarden win coming up...

  8. Not gonna lie I had extremely low expectations for this one, not in my wildest dreams did I imagine it being a classic.

  9. Anyone else think purposely inciting 'GWC' style finishes @ 230 mph for something as valued as the Indy 500 kinda ridiculous?

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