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  1. So normally I love creative names I think it’s so fun. I played with barbies as a kid it really did mess me up with beauty standards. I’m sure wifeys can related. It put a pressure on me to always be skinnier, tanner, blonder and be “perfect”. She is so blind to the impossible standard she is putting on her child.

  2. The sad part is that this fetish content is the most tending to a baby she has done since giving birth

  3. Trisha stop trying to take down videos and go learn how to hold your baby’s head. Girl where are your priorities?

  4. Surrounding herself with yes people is so sad. Paying everyone to kiss your ass, what an empty shallow life.

  5. The frenemies merch and mcdonalds bags scattered all over the place.

  6. The joke always flys over her head 😂 trasha the joke is that the queens karma is having you as a mother!

  7. Jason if you are reading this don’t forget it’s not too late to press charges for her driving her car into your house!

  8. No, at the time Moses isn't home. She did that intentionally so he would come home immediately.

  9. Dude why did this get removed??? It was funny. This is like 10th post being deleted today

  10. Idk I understand that it’s not some kind of amazing edited video. seeing her look like this after treating people like shit for years is so funny. Atleast to me it’s funny.

  11. He was always so jealous of Ethan and Hila. He thought could be as successful, funny, and creative as them. He is very similar to his wife so they definitely belong to each other. I really feel bad for the family, betrayal on that level is so painful. Ungrateful delusional piece of shit.

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