1. Yuri Gonna come with kantika at the end of season 5 sacrificing kantika showing he was that great man enzo gonna be a deputy

  2. I don't understand why everyone is so hard on for South, he hasn't shown as many feats as we have seen from Taiju, South has a reputation of being a beast, thats all I can see, though nothing to prove it other than large stature, no events I've seen that topple Taiju's events.

  3. South is a real G that’s why bro grew up in the Brazilian streets when tajiu was stil praying

  4. His durability could maybe compete with hanma durability but he’s weak

  5. Would say he’s a bit taller then draken and he ain’t even that weak plot armour

  6. A major character in trollhunters fourth main character in 3below one of the three main characters in wizards

  7. Wait, really? Guess, it was just coincidence. Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel? Like the Avengers.

  8. Powell gonna be sad for being a deputy again but happy to see him alive

  9. Nah after all the beatings he gone through he still ain’t ripped happy to see koko included btw who’s the right one at the end

  10. Rematch where izana or south is alive

  11. I highly doubt that. We also have to consider Senju’s position. South could beat senju but cannot defeat Izana, then izana could beat south leading up to mikey and izana fight.

  12. Izana was getting scared that kakucho was getting stronger and may even beat him south no diffed him and south beat senju and before that he fought waka and benkei who trained senju so he was in a worser shape while senju didn’t fought anyone

  13. South fought legend duo senju arguably top 4 yet did more damage then izana ever could do to mikey

  14. What you said about ran was with his weapons by the captain it’s arguably since rindou was the one holding the captain and Mitsuya destroyed him in a fair fight ran is nothing without his baton or brother

  15. True but I ain’t here to talk about that but it was said Mitsuya lost a lot weight was weaker according to hakkai took down multiple members fought Haitani brothers for a time had to defend hakkai while getting jumped by everyone ran fought no one he was at best shape Mitsuya was a bad shape him destroying ran would be be bad

  16. People compare him to much to senju would say sanzu is somewhere with chifuyu or sum

  17. Sanzu slams Chifuyu and Senju 2v1 lmao

  18. Mochi and Mitsuya were on equal terms in tenjiku arc they were both struggling at eachother until ran and rin showed up and attacked Mitsuya from behind would say chifuyu is a bit lower then Mitsuya

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