1. Now this is a lineup that put extreme pressure on Russ to produce because he got two guys that can come in whenever he starts his shenanigans. I don’t like reaves backing up bron either he won’t get real mins and two we saw last year they were picking on him when they tried him guarding wings.

  2. Good the better he play and Dennis coming in with bev Russ will be out the rotation and sent home

  3. Don’t like it defensively because lebron and buddy will get picked on. At key positions. But if healthy should contend.

  4. They’re blocking the handrail from people that need it.

  5. Then you say excuse me and they one guy will kindly move smh lol

  6. By a couple kids going to school and construction worker. I don’t think so. If you feel that way take the ferry and stop complaining.

  7. Lol dude lakers are not giving up two first rounder for those three

  8. Because at the end of no way home. It was his fault stark tech is captured now. Which is what the show is based around apparently

  9. This is known already issue came up with his contract. He wanted 3plus years. Lakers were only offering a two year deal nothing past next year. And they went with Russ instead.

  10. but WHY is lakers so obsessed with keeping next seasons cap space open?

  11. Repeater tax. Remember Jeanie ain’t wealthy she rich not wealthy. But everybody keeps looking at it like they’re saving it for a player. Yes if Kyrie leaves or Middleton but most likely to drop below tax.

  12. So that random ass leak years ago about this movie with being like a road-trip movie with these two is true

  13. They taking trip pics again come on now stop the shenanigans

  14. Lmao so the wings and shooters is this guy lmao

  15. Umm forget him. We have like 5 points guards no wings and Russ is still on the roster. We’re stuck for the entire year. It’s he can’t be traded now he ain’t getting traded later. Through all of that im not trading those picks either. They’re better off sending Russ home or waiving him eat the money and sign one of the older guys they’ve been working out.

  16. I am not very familiar with Poeltl, I have heard good things though. Anyone able to update me on what he's like?

  17. He is nothing special. And he doesn’t stretch the floor. And is unplayable late in game. Shoots around the 50% from free throw line. So do not listen to nobody if they don’t bring that up. Everything he does we got in the bigs we have.

  18. Lol but everybody said the lakers should give up 2 first rounders lmaoooooo

  19. This sub pretends to not know what Lakers tax is. Glad ainge got nothing in return.

  20. They’re gonna end up with atleast 2 first I think for clarkson and Beasley if they separate the the trades. But I’m in shocked for this trade. Danny has a history of trying to hose teams and nobody is going for anymore.

  21. Lmaooo lakernation take a drink and stop bashing rob he didn’t get hosed.

  22. Dude Kyrie is not the only option next year lol

  23. He's obviously the number 1 priority for LeBron and the front office which is seriously stupid.

  24. No he is not. He clearly was using the lakers as leverage to get a better deal. Kyrie is going to get his deal from bk. Look what happen when they played games kd asked out. He is staying in bk.

  25. Ok time for you to go. Bum ass went a whole year without a td.

  26. That’s mostly because we had Garrett as a oc and it doesn’t help having DJ, Glennon, and Fromm throwing to you. It was doomed from the start

  27. Don’t matter who the qb is man. If you’re that talented you should just of that get atleast one. You do realize he has the highest cap hit in the nfl for wr. Nah dude is a comeplete bust.

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