EV tax credit explained

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  1. What everyone said so far but more specifically

  2. I suppose tesla could technically disable the car while you're driving it. Should this be a concern? I'd say absolutely not.

  3. You do know that standard connectivity is disabled after 8 years, right? That means no GPS, etc...

  4. That's not disabling gps. That's just putting a time limit on what was essentially unlimited data. The article itself even cites you can use a WiFi hotspot in its place.

  5. I didn't say it's disabling GPS, it's disabling standard connectivity and therefore no GPS, etc... They don't even offer people the choice to get standard connectivity just pushing for premium connectivity.

  6. Very similar to WA state. except we have 30% max on front side windows instead of the 35%.

  7. Just treat it as any other car. If you never had PPF on your previous cars and had no problem with that then you don't need PPF.

  8. I went with Diamond Window Tinting in Tukwila. They are using xpel XR for the tint.

  9. Maybe look at getting the kids on Medicare to reduce their medical expenses. Trips to the ER can be expensive and drain your HSA in one visit.

  10. You don’t have to make withdrawal from your HSA if you can pay out of pocket. Unlike FSA, HSA can carry over year over year and goes with you even if you leave your employer. FSA money has to be spent within that year (except for $500 carry over I think?) otherwise you loose it whereas there is no such requirement with HSA.

  11. 50k salary for a family of 4 with upcoming housing expenses and 2 very young kids? They should take all the help they can get right now while just starting out. As salaries increase, kids get older/healthier and they are not actively saving for a dp on a home, yeah, things can change then but right now, protecting and saving all the money they can should be top priority.

  12. Every situation is different. I was not responding to OP's situation in general but if that's the entire income, then yes I would agree that they need to use their HSA.

  13. I did some research on this and the product that I found with less issue was the AirMan 65-005-001 ATVT HB Tyre Repair Sealant 450 ml-Assorted hose ($22 on amazon).

  14. Write it off on your 2023 taxes as a donation to Tesla/Elon! /s

  15. Trader Joe’s: lots of good ethnic frozen food, cheese that are reasonably price and lots of variety, organic skin on chicken thighs, variety snacks galore, produce when you don’t need bill, etc…

  16. I would assume it would be a comprehensive coverage and standard coverage is based. 100k/300k is standard

  17. “Assumption is the mother of all fuckup”

  18. I take all my cars (5 of them between our family and my inlaws) to Discount Tire. They seem to always have some sort of sale and will match costco prices. Service is much better and you don't have to wait forever like Costco tire centers.

  19. Discount Tire will also rotate for free and repair for free if you get your tires from them.

  20. Actually they fix flats for free even if you didn’t purchase tires from them.

  21. When I test drove the car 2 weeks ago, my iPhone 11 PRO Max with magsafe case didn't work either. When removing the case, it did work - mind you the iPhone 11 do not have magsafe but has wireless charging. I'll check with my wife's iPhone 11 PRO with and without case.

  22. I don't have personal experience on these for the Model Y but I do love weathertech on my other cars. I did some research for my upcoming Model Y (this Saturday!!!) and the BIGGEST downside on the weathertech which really steered me away from them is that the driver floormat does not go all the way up the foot rest on the left. Not sure why weathertech decided to cut it low but that was a no-no for me.

  23. Cue in the Spiderman song! As long as you like it, you do you!

  24. Yeah, no. Find a tire center that will install the tire without the $500 labor charge.

  25. https://www.tirerack.com/content/tirerack/desktop/en/homepage.html

  26. I picked up from the sodo location a few weeks ago. None of the Ys at delivery had ppf or mudflaps, but I asked and the delivery rep told me to schedule a service to get them on. He said that they were OOS at the time but that it should come free for cars in the PNW. Just make sure to ask about it.

  27. That's awesome. Picking mine this Saturday at the SODO location. Will ask for that and also pay for them to install the hitch.

  28. An argument could be made for a sliding scale for income, but I don’t think anyone is crying for people with an AGI over $300k not getting tax incentive to buy a car.

  29. I personally lowered my contribution to 401k for one year, and I know I will lose some $ there but have more cash in hand and since I owe around 6k+ for this year I definitively make it to 7,500 on 2023 tax year,

  30. That's fine but be careful as you may run into the income limit if those were traditional 401k contribution.

  31. You’d be surprise as I was when I first looked.

  32. Yeah this is the real world tho, you’d get maybe half that lol, no slight I just I think you’re overly optimistic on the value of that old of a vehicle with that many miles

  33. I’m not selling so I don’t care. My point was that Toyota are reliable and have higher resale value.

  34. New child passport and renewal child at the same time.

  35. Can I ask what was the first two digits of your application tracking number? My new child passport was received on 12/20 but it still says in process (standard processing not expedited). We fly out on February 26th, I'm freaking out.

  36. Tower? What’s up with Tower FCU? I see so many posts of Towers. Are their rates so much better then others?

  37. As low as 1.99%. A lot of people are in the 2%.

  38. Depends on how much you care (ie your personality) and how long your honeymoon phase is.

  39. Damn that's cheap. I was quoted $4500 for 6mos for my Tesla.

  40. Highly dependent on location and age/sex of the person. Young males tend to speed more and will not have as long of a driving history as old farts like me. I was quoted $390 for six months at better coverage than above.

  41. AFAIK, it's zip code dependent and not city specific. This is why these posts are kind of pointless because EVERYONE is different.

  42. Need to talk to a SA on the price increase.

  43. Anyone with 1/18 order in SF Bay Area-Dublin MYLR white/Black 19” no options EDD 2 Feb 10- March 10

  44. There is a MSM still available in the SF area... if you have a SA change your reservation, you can get the pre-increase price ($2k or $2.5k savings).

  45. Original Order: MYLR5 blue on black with hitch, Price $54,990

  46. I was told no. Tried to add the hitch after grabbing a local inventory one.

  47. Thanks. That is exactly what I want to do, adding a hitch. I guess I just have to do it after I get the car.

  48. If you go to the Tesla site and try to add the hitch, it tells you that it only attaches to a delivered car.

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